Pepper Spray

One of the most reliable methods of self defense is the pepper spray. People and law enforcement have been protecting themselves with defensive sprays for decades.

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Self Defense Spray

As one of the least expensive methods of protecting yourself, each and every person should have one of these hanging off their keys or carried with them in some way.

Keep it easily accessible and it'll be ready to fend off an attack before it even starts.

We carry Mace, Pepper Shot, and Wildfire brands. All of these defensive sprays are high-quality brands that have been around for many years protecting people just like you.

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A personal Pepper Spray is an effective self defense weapon and can be used by just about anyone. Pressurized canisters filled with the OC (oleoresin capsiacin) and a propellant agent allow you to aim the spray at your attacker and it is forced outward when you press the trigger. By spraying someone in the face, you force them to breathe in the debilitating mixture.


Defensive SprayThis causes them to have a very difficult time with the simple process of inhaling and exhaling. When you can barely breathe, that pretty much takes over anything else you may have been doing or thinking. Additionally, the microscopic particles get into the eyes, nose, and throat causing extreme discomfort, temporary blindness, and severe pain.

And this is exactly what you want in a defensive spray!

To stop an attack immediately and cause them to retreat and leave you alone. They have no other option after getting blasted but to try to find something that will stop the burning and feeling of being on fire. The more they try to rub it off, the more it is ground into their face and the more effective it is.

The effects last for up to 45 minutes and many models of spray have identifying ultraviolet dye that sticks on them for a long time. If you've called the police and they catch the guy, the UV dye will positively identify that person as your assailant.

We recommend keeping one on your keychain, inside your purse, your vehicle, and in your home to help protect against home invasions. This is one of the cheapest ways of defending yourself and is also one of the most effective.