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Welcome to our Window Alarms sub-category at TBOTECH, a critical line of defense against intruders and a cornerstone of home security systems. Our selection of window alarms offers a variety of protection options, catering to different security needs and ensuring the safety of your home or business.

Discover Advanced Window Alarm Solutions:

  • Door and Window Alarm with Deactivation Key: This versatile alarm system provides robust protection for your doors and windows. When triggered, it emits an alert, effectively preventing unauthorized entry and even deterring sneaky teens!

  • Multi-Use Security Alarm: This adaptable alarm system is not just for windows; it can also protect laptops, briefcases, and also serve as a panic alarm. It's an all-in-one solution for your safety needs.

  • Instant Vibration Alarm: Stay ahead of potential break-ins with our instant alarm that detects any vibration and signals when glass is hit, knocked, or broken. This is essential for early warning and quick response.

  • 90db Window and Door Alarm: Boost your home's security with this battery-operated alarm, emitting a powerful 90 dB siren upon activation. It's a strong deterrent against intruders and a reliable alert for homeowners.

In this category, you'll find products designed with the latest technology, ensuring robust protection against burglars. Our window alarms, equipped with sensors and sirens, provide an added layer of safety. These wireless solutions are easy to install, offering seamless integration into your existing security system. They not only alert you to glass break or entry attempts but also enhance the overall monitoring and protection of your home. Prioritize your safety and explore our range of window alarms today.

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The Door and Window Alarm with Deactivation Key is an effective product that protects your doors or windows. When a door or window is opened, an alarm will sound alerting you.   Also, great for stopping your teen from sneaking out!
Personal Alarm with Light
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You can use this security alarm in more than a few ways. Protect a laptop, briefcase, doors or windows, and of course as a panic alarm.
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Instant alarm detects any vibration (when the glass is hit, knocked, or broken)
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Enhance your home security with the 90db Window and Door Alarm. This battery-operated alarm emits a powerful 90 dB siren when triggered, deterring intruders and alerting you to potential threats.
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