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Wildfire Brand

Wildfire Brand OC Spray has one of the purest grade oleoresin capsicum formulas in a defensive spray. The improved upon formula makes it one of the hottest pepper sprays available! This particular brand of self defense spray is manufactured in the exact same lab as the ones that the police carry.

Nearly identical except this brand is not designed to wear off quickly. It lasts for a long time: 45 minutes or so and the bad guy will be hating life. It also has an identifying dye that marks the person that got sprayed. When you file your police report and let them know the person is marked with UV Dye, they'll have an easy time connecting them to your complaint.

When we say it's the hottest pepper spray, we mean it. Here's the proof: Wildfire Lab Results. There is nothing out there that's better! Wildfire is the choice and the one we recommend. Comes in spray, fogger, even a sticky gel-like substance that can't be removed easily. Many sizes as well that will fit your exact need.