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Welcome to our Pepper Sprays collection page, where your safety is our top priority. In a world where personal security cannot be taken for granted, equipping yourself with a reliable self-defense tool is more important than ever. Our diverse selection of pepper sprays from leading brands like Pepper Shot, Mace, and Wildfire is meticulously chosen to offer you peace of mind along with effective protection.

Key Features:

  • Potent Formulations: Our pepper sprays are crafted with a high-strength oleoresin capsicum (OC) formula. This active ingredient, derived from hot chili peppers, causes intense irritation in the eyes and respiratory system, effectively neutralizing potential threats.

  • Diverse Selection: From sleek, lipstick-sized canisters perfect for discreet carry, to robust models designed for home and personal defense, our range has something for everyone. Choose based on your lifestyle needs and preferences, including options in the color purple!

  • Extended Reach: With options boasting ranges of up to 25 feet, our pepper sprays enable you to maintain a safe distance from an attacker, increasing your safety margin.

  • Immediate Deployment: We understand that emergencies unfold in seconds. That's why our pepper sprays feature user-friendly mechanisms for quick and easy activation, ensuring you can respond rapidly when it matters most.

  • Compact and Convenient: Designed for on-the-go protection, our pepper sprays can easily be carried in your pocket, purse, or attached to your keychain, ensuring you're always prepared, no matter where you are.


  • Enhanced Personal Security: Arm yourself with a potent deterrent against attackers. Our pepper sprays provide a swift and effective means to defend yourself, empowering you to take charge of your personal safety.

  • Versatile Protection: Ideal for individuals from all walks of life - whether you're navigating the urban jungle, enjoying outdoor activities, or seeking an added layer of security at home.

  • Humane Defense: Offering a non-lethal yet incapacitating effect, our pepper sprays ensure you can protect yourself without causing permanent injury to another person.

  • Trusted by Professionals: Featuring products from Pepper Shot, Mace, and Wildfire, our collection includes brands that are not only pioneers in the industry but also trusted by law enforcement and security professionals worldwide.

  • Suitable for Various Scenarios: Whether you're facing a dark parking lot, jogging through secluded trails, or encountering wildlife during your outdoor adventures, having a pepper spray by your side enhances your ability to navigate these situations safely.

Trusted Brands:

  • Pepper Shot: Known for its potent formula and user-friendly design, Pepper Shot offers a range of pepper sprays that are as effective as they are easy to carry.

  • Mace: A household name in personal defense, Mace pepper sprays combine innovative safety features with powerful formulas to deliver reliable protection.

  • Wildfire: Boasting some of the hottest formulas on the market, Wildfire pepper sprays are designed for those who demand the utmost in personal security.

If you've been wondering where to buy pepper spray, you've found the place. Our Pepper Sprays collection is more than just products; it's a commitment to your safety and peace of mind. With options tailored to various needs, preferences, and situations, you can confidently choose the perfect pepper spray to keep you safe. Shop now and step into the world with the assurance that comes from knowing you're well-protected.

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The  JOGGER PEPPER SPRAY  model is ideal for sports and outdoor activities such as running or hiking. You can carry it on your keychain, fasten it with the belt clip or have it in hand with the Velcro-like strap. No Sales to Massachusetts or New York.
BrandsMace ColorBlack
In stock
This comes out and sticks to their face like glue! While they are unable to see or breathe very well, you have time to get away. No Sales to Massachusetts or New York.
BrandsMace Gel SizeMagnum 3
In stock
Shoot your attacker from up to 20 feet away with a powerful pepper spray stream. The Pepper Gun gives you an advantage. No Sales to Massachusetts or New York.
BrandsMace Color80405 - Matte Black
In stock
You don't have to settle for a bland color that doesn't match anything. Spice it up! A Personal Pepper Spray is now available in Hot Pink. No Sales to Massachusetts or New York.
In stock
Extreme stopping power in a sticky gel that blindfolds an attacker. This is a powerful defensive OC spray that will halt an attacker's advance immediately. No Sales to Massachusetts or New York.
In stock
The Take Down OC Relief Decontamination Spray offers a natural, non-flammable solution with an Acc-U-Sol trigger for fast, effective relief from pepper spray exposure, ensuring safety and comfort in a compact, portable design.
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