Safety Kits for College Students

These unique safety kits were put together with the college student in mind. Combining safety and security, you will be able to protect yourself and your belongings with these products.

For both women and men, a little extra precaution and security can go a long way. After a long day of classes and studying, you just want to get some good sleep. With a door stopper wedged under the door, you can be absolutely sure that no one is going to sneak into your room at night.

College Safety Kits for Campus

Need a little protection walking around on campus? A stun gun or pepper spray will fend off a campus rapist or mugger. And they aren't lethal, so you aren't going to end up on the news for protecting yourself. You will end up on the news if you get killed because you couldn't get away!

We all know money is tight while you're in school. For most of us, getting that higher education is the springboard for making the big money. But not yet! The little money you do have from the part-time job has to go a long way. Hiding your cash in a hidden safe keeps it out of sight and away from sticky fingers down the hall.

These college safety kits give you the items you need to stay safe while attending university. By investing a little money in yourself, you can be sure you'll be more worry-free and so will your parents! If you're short on the cash for these kits, be sure to ask Mom and Dad. They'll probably be happy to buy this for you since it will make them feel better too!

Six Campus Safety Tips Every Student Should Know

A low crime rate in your campus or community is not an excuse to be complacent. A violent crime is in most cases, an unexpected event, as evidenced by recent crimes committed within school grounds. Still, the best way to remain safe and unharmed is to be aware of what could happen and to be ready for any eventuality. Here are 6 campus safety tips to keep in mind:

Know your campus

The worst thing that could happen in an emergency is not knowing where to go for help. Familiarize yourself with your campus. Get a map, if possible, and then study the arrangement of the buildings in relation to one another. Know the location of emergency exits and telephones. Know what numbers to call in case of an attack or emergency. Most colleges and universities these days have an on-campus police presence. You can call them if you need help.

The fastest way is not always the safest

There have been incidents in the past when people fall victim to a crime by simply choosing an unfamiliar shortcut. To keep yourself safe on campus, study the available routes, and determine important exit points. Be familiar with buildings, pathways, and other landmarks. Have at least two alternate routes from one building to another, especially if you will be using them often.

Keep on lighted walkways, buildings, and hallways

If the area is dark, you can never be sure what awaits you there. If anything happens to you, you will not be seen easily by a passerby.

Stay with groups

You're least likely to be attacked if you're with at least one other companion.

Let people know where you are going

If you are planning on going anywhere on campus – the gym, the library, the auditorium, etc. – make sure someone knows. Tell a roommate where you will be and whom you will meet with. Let your friends know what time you'll be back as well. If you can't make it, text them to let them know you're all right.

It would also be a good idea to let your family, close friends, and roommate know what your class schedule is. That way, they'll know where you're supposed to be at any given time.

Bring a self defense device

A self defense device is not just a deterrent against possible attacks; it could even save your life. Use a compact yet powerful self defense tool that you can carry around on campus. Check if it's allowed, though. Some devices' possession and/or use are prohibited on some campuses, so it pays to check.

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Staying vigilant about your safety may not be a college course, but it's one of the most important lessons you can learn.
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How to keep safe on college campuses is something each student should understand and practice to ensure a good learning environment.
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Guys need to remain just as vigilant as gals. Keeping the right tools around will help you achieve that goal.
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