Neck Knife Weapons

Explore the epitome of discreet self-defense with our curated selection of Neck Knives at TBOTECH. These compact yet powerful blades are designed for those who prioritize safety without compromising style. Discover a range of innovative neck knife designs, each handpicked to ensure top-notch quality and functionality.

Why Choose TBOTECH Neck Knives?

  1. Expertly Crafted Blades: Our neck knives boast precision-crafted blades engineered for durability and sharpness. Whether stainless steel or high-carbon options, each knife is a testament to quality craftsmanship.

  2. Comfortable Wear: Engineered for comfort, our neck knives are lightweight and ergonomically designed for extended wear. Their discreet profile ensures you're always prepared without drawing unnecessary attention.

  3. Versatile Utility: Beyond self-defense, our neck knives are versatile tools for everyday tasks. From camping to survival situations, these blades are ready for any challenge you throw their way.

  4. Exclusive Designs: Stand out with exclusive designs that marry function and aesthetics. At TBOTECH, we believe in providing products that not only perform, but also make a statement.

  5. Safety First: Each neck knife has a secure sheath, ensuring safe and easy access when needed. We prioritize your safety without compromising on accessibility.

Explore Your Options:

  1. Stealth Series: Discover sleek and minimalist designs for those who prefer a discreet yet effective self-defense tool.

  2. Tactical Utility: Unleash the power of tactical efficiency with our range of neck knives designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  3. Everyday Carry Elegance: Elevate your everyday carry with our collection of stylish and functional neck knives, perfect for urban adventurers.

Multifunctional Utility of TBOTECH Neck Knives

Concealed Carry Excellence: Our neck knives are crafted with concealment in mind, ensuring you can carry them discreetly without sacrificing accessibility. Perfect for personal defense, these knives provide security that’s literally just a reach away, blending seamlessly with your daily attire.

Outdoor Readiness: Whether hiking through the backwoods or setting up camp under the stars, our neck knives are essential for any outdoor adventurer. Their rugged, fixed blades can perform a variety of tasks in the wilderness, from preparing food to cutting through tough materials. Lightweight and portable, they won't weigh you down as you explore the great outdoors.

Hunting Companion: For hunters, having a reliable tool is crucial. Our neck knives serve as an excellent adjunct for dressing wild game. The sharp, durable blades make precise cuts, ensuring that your hunting trip is as efficient as possible.

Everyday Utility: Our neck knives are not just for wilderness or tactical uses. Thanks to their multipurpose design, they excel in daily tasks. Open packages, cut cords, or prepare snacks on the go—these knives are your everyday companions.

Enhanced with Paracord: Selected models in our collection may include a paracord-wrapped handle, offering additional survival utility. Use the paracord in emergency situations for everything from setting traps to emergency suturing.

Designed for EDC Enthusiasts: Our neck knives are essential to any EDC kit. Compact, durable, and ever-reliable, they offer the functionality you need without the bulk of traditional knives.


TBOTECH is committed to providing you with top-tier personal safety and self-defense products. Explore our Neck Knives collection today and experience the peace of mind of being prepared. Your safety is our priority.

Stay safe. Stay prepared. TBOTECH has your back.

Black Neck Knife
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$1495 $1195
A tactical neck knife that is ready when you are. Small, sharp, and goes where you go. Skeletonized grenade pattern handle.   Neck Knife with Sheath - Choose from 3 color options!
BrandsMTech ColorBlack
Small Neck Knife
Save 20%
In stock
$1495 $1195
Beautiful design with pink crystals around the handle.
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