Security for Your Door

Shoring up the defenses, so to speak, are what these products will help you do. With door security devices that actually prevent the door from opening and loud alarms that will let you know someone is trying to break in, you have options.

Your door home security is critical in today's world. With the rash of home invasions and simple break-ins to steal your stuff, you need to up your game a bit and take action to help protect you and your family.

The products you see on this page are very effective at what they do and they won't break the bank. You can choose from physical door stoppers or simple alarms that let you know that someone just touched the outside doorknob. This extra time you gain by installing these devices can literally mean the difference between life and death.

It means you don't have to worry about someone breaking in the door without you being aware of it.

If you need to stop a door from opening or just be alerted when one is opened, these products will do that for you. Helpful against burglary but also for knowing if your toddler is escaping.

Door Security

For individuals who are concerned about the safety of their loved ones, family, and personal property there are a number of risks to take into account. With the FBI reporting nearly 8 million annual property crimes in their most recent survey there’s never been a better time to think about protecting your safety.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to take a self defense class or buy a stun gun in order to protect yourself. What about the security of your home and loved ones?

Door alarms are essential for people who want to protect themselves and their loved ones completely.

There’s too much at risk! Here’s everything you need to know about door alarms:

Door Alarms Reduce The Risk of Break-Ins

Just investing in door alarms puts you ahead of the game compared to most people. Unfortunately, in many households, there is so much coming and going that doors are left unlocked.

Can you imagine the terror of sitting in your living room and having a burglar walk in the door? Or worse, you and your family are asleep and robbers enter your home.

Door Entry Alarm

Without alarms, it can be an invitation to disaster. But alarms reduce the risk of break-ins dramatically and can help make sure unwanted intruders never get in while you’re there.

Your home is more than 60% less probable to suffer a break-in if you invest in door alarms, according to independent research.

If you think alarms are just a benefit to alarm companies, think again. A little investment can go a long way to protecting your home when it comes to alarms.

Understanding The Reed Switch

Most door alarms and window sensors employ a reed switch to notify you if there has been a breach of safety in your home. The reed switch uses a magnetic field to close a circuit between entryways.

When the door or window has opened a disruption in the circuit occurs. This may set off a high-pitched noise to scare off a criminal as a result.

Or, for larger alarm systems, the reed switch may report a breach back to a monitoring company. It also could report back to a centralized alarm panel in your home.

Regardless of the type of larger alarm system you invest in, most will use a reed switch to identify an intruder.

They Won’t Detect Glass Breaks

A traditional door alarm sensor has one major drawback: It won’t detect glass breaks on its own.

Since the reed switch depends on the magnetic field being disrupted, a burglar could foreseeably break the glass in your window and shimmy in through the opening.

In order to detect glass breaks and this type of break-in, you may want to invest in glass breakage alarms as well. However, keep in mind that noise and time are two of the greatest deterrents to criminals when trying to enter your home.

Glass Breakage Alarm

Forcing a criminal to break a window is a noisy business. So is the process of cleaning away glass and not getting cut entering your home.

Since most home burglaries are the result of unlocked doors and windows just having door and window sensors will do quite a bit to protect you.

If a burglar sees that you have window and door sensors they will most likely move on to a home that is less protected.

Regardless if you invest in motion detectors as well, door alarms are one of the first lines of defense against intruders in your home.

There Are a Variety of Options

There aren’t just a variety of different products to protect your home. There are also a number of different strategies when it comes to alarms and your overall home protection plan.

These options include:

  • Wireless
  • Hard-Wired
  • Cable/Broadband Systems
  • Fully Wireless
  • Double Signal
  • Battery Backup

Every type of homeowner has a different need. These include remote monitoring services and go all the way to simple DIY systems you can place on your own doors and windows.

But in every case, you will find door and window alarms are a component of the system. What better way for a criminal to enter your home than to walk right through the door?

The Difference Between Wireless and 100% Wireless

When you install DIY window and door alarms there is a wide range of capabilities in the products. There are connections to smartphones and computer networks you can monitor wherever you may be.

There are also simple systems that run on batteries and announce an alarm when their reed switch is breached.

But 100% wireless systems go beyond this functionality. These services can communicate with remote monitoring even when phone and cable service is disrupted.

This level of redundancy isn’t for every homeowner and requires a larger investment. But there is considerable peace of mind that comes with knowing that your alarm system will work regardless of environmental factors.

Double Signal

If you have ever been in a city when a car alarm goes off the outcome is almost comical. With so many false alarms people hardly flinch anymore when they hear a car alarm go off.

The same can hold true for your home alarms if you don’t have redundancy built-in. Even with an alarm monitoring service, if the alarm is disabled they will guess it was a routine alarm– nothing to worry about.

But what good is an alarm system if it doesn’t protect you from intruders? What about the alarm that goes off and the reed switch is somehow sealed again?

Is it possible a burglar could enter your home, trip the alarm, and make off with your personal belongings? Yes.

With a double signal, the alarm service is notified and alerts response if there isn’t a second signal reported. That means you will have to notify them that the system is back online and restored to normal.

This second notification will protect your home against smash and grab jobs, as well as home invasions.

Protecting your home and loved ones means making sure the alarm system and monitoring personnel always respond when there is a problem.

Connecting To The Panel And the Service

While not all door and window sensors require a connection to a panel or a monitoring service, many homeowners opt for this level of protection. And in today’s digital marketplace there are a number of ways to make that connection.

Each one has its own benefits in terms of connection, cost, and protection. Many cable and broadband television and Internet services now offer home security because they can use their existing network to connect your home to the service.

You can also have a cellular connection to a remote monitoring site to remain connected even if cable and broadband are down. And cable television customers know there are times when the connection doesn’t work.

For some homeowners who don’t want to risk a break-in at the very time their home is most vulnerable, they may find a cellular connection their best bet.

Whether you decide to go it alone, have a larger wired system in your home, or connect to a responsive service, any steps you take for your home security will decrease your chances of suffering a burglary.

For many homeowners, a small investment goes a long way. You don’t have to break the bank to get protection.

A Variety of Uses

If you understand the capabilities of the reed switch and how versatile it can be you may realize there are a number of uses in your home. Beyond thwarting criminals you can help your family stay safe every day of the year with door and window sensors.

One example that brings a huge increase in peace of mind is protecting your backyard swimming pool. How often do we tell our children not to go out there unsupervised?

And how often do we find them out there anyway? With a door alarm on the entranceway to your pool, you can stay 2 steps ahead of your kids at all times.

Plus, you can protect any room in the house. Door alarms double as doorbells and notify everyone if someone is in a place that is off-limits.

If you have a workspace with dangerous tools, a home office with delicate documents, or a gun cabinet with self-defense items, you may find a door alarm can work to protect everyone and everything in your home.

Trust The Best Products

Once you realize the options and possibilities available with door alarms there is only one question left: What are you waiting for?

For homeowners and families, alarms on the door don’t have to mean a huge expense. But without them, there is so much at stake.

Many hesitate to buy door alarms because they are not sure which items to invest in or what services to buy. We can help.

At TBO-TECH we help people protect themselves and their loved ones every day. We have extensive experience in self-defense and home protection and are dedicated to our customers.

Don’t wait another day to get the protection you need. We carry the products you can count on for optimal peace of mind.

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