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If you need to stop a door from opening or just be alerted when one is opened, these products will do that for you. Helpful against burglary but also for knowing if your toddler is escaping.

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The Door and Window Alarm with Deactivation Key is an effective product that protects your doors or windows. When a door or window is opened, an alarm will sound alerting you.   Also, great for stopping your teen from sneaking out!
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If someone attempts to enter, the alarm will sound and the unit will wedge underneath preventing it from opening.
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Once you hang this on your inside handle, if anyone from the outside touches the knob, the alarm will go off and you will know someone tried to enter without knocking.
Personal Alarm with Light
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You can use this security alarm in more than a few ways. Protect a laptop, briefcase, doors or windows, and of course as a panic alarm.
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Do you want to know when someone does something to vibrate your door or grabs the door knob? If so, this inexpensive but quite effective product may be what you're looking for.
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