Wildfire Pepper Gel

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Once sprayed, this pepper gel will stick like glue to an attackers skin. When he tries to wipe it off, it just permeates in the skin causing more pain to the attacker.


Wildfire 18% Gel Sticky Pepper Spray! Available in 2oz and 4oz size, both with an easy flip top actuator.

Once sprayed, this will stick like glue to an attackers skin. When he tries to wipe it off, it just permeates in the skin causing more pain to the attacker.

Wildfire Pepper Gel

Wildfire 18% Pepper Gel - 2oz

The 2oz contains 6-8 one-half second bursts with a range of 8-10 feet. $17.95

18% Wildfire 4oz Pepper GelThe 4oz contains 20 one second bursts with a range of 15-18 feet. $21.95

Even if used indoors, you don't have to worry about this getting everywhere, as it will stay in the direction where its sprayed and will not affect others that are close by. Works great for a car, recreational vehicle, camping, or home.

This self-defense product has many convenient features including longer distance range, stronger mixture, sticks to the target like glue, it is also less contaminating, and non-flammable.

Wildfire 18% is an improved formula that reacts quickly and effectively to disable an assailant. It is 18% and 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

Some states have restrictions on Pepper Sprays. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

You Have The Right To Self Defense With Pepper Gel!

Imagine going camping with only one other person to keep you company. Imagine that you will be all alone in the woods at night with little or no protection. What would you do if someone came up from behind a tree and launched an attack against you? Would you be prepared to defend yourself?

The truth is, most people are defenseless in the wake of trouble, but they don't need to be! In America, it is legal to use Wildfire Pepper Gel in most states. For under 20 dollars, you can have a small pocket-sized canister of the world's most powerful (and vile) substance which can disable your assailant in as little as a few seconds.

What Makes Pepper Gel So Useful

  1. Pepper Gel is manufactured from a substance that sticks to your assailant like glue. If and when your attacker starts to rub his or her eyes, the glue-like substance will start to penetrate the skin resulting in an extremely painful burning sensation.
  2. With this solution, you also have the ability to only affect your attacker when used indoors. Those in close proximity to the person you're spraying will not be affected by the substance, but the gel will still find your attacker with little effort. Another great thing about this spray is that a little bit goes a long way, so you will not have to overspray your assailant in order to achieve good results.
  3. It is best to spray someone from a long distance and not let your attacker get too close to you. With traditional sprays, this has never been possible. However, Wildfire's innovative spray uses a design that works in a longer distance range, making it completely safe and efficient in a number of bad scenarios.
  4. The formula is safe for you to carry with you and will not discharge accidentally. It is non-flammable and contains fewer contaminants than other sprays.

Ideal Uses For Pepper Gel

Protection is necessary anywhere and everywhere in the world as evil is constantly lurking. However, we highly recommend that you take this spray with you or keep it close by when you:

-go on a wilderness retreat or camping trip,

-walk alone in the city,

-drive around America in an RV,

-drive to work alone at odd hours, or

-just keep one at home where you can reach it.

With a whopping 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units and with painfully formulated ingredients, you can rest assured Wildfire 18% Pepper Gel will get the job done in less time than inferior pepper spray!

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