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Throwing Stars

The mystic ninja of feudal Japan. The image conjures up thoughts of a spec ops soldier of modern times. With their nearly invisible approach and lethal skills, these stealthy warriors instilled fear in their enemies. Their arsenal of weapons was vast but the hallmark of the ninja's existence was the shuriken or throwing star. These metal multi-bladed weapons were thrown at the enemy to inflict injury and cause confusion and chaos.

Throwing stars have multiple points with sharpened tips to allow them to stick into a target regardless of how it hits. Usually having between 4 and 6 points, there is always a blade that is facing forward when it impacts. There is even an eight-point star below that increase your chances of a "stick".

Getting good at hitting where you want them to and making them stick is a fun activity to do whether by yourself or with friends. After a bit of practice, you'll be hitting and making them stick on every throw. You can create your own mark to toss them at or you can order yourself a ninja target board and be ready to go.