About our company

Steve Thibeault founded TBO-TECH Self Defense Products in April of 2000 while serving his last tour of an 11-year career in the United States Army. Along with his wife Jennifer, they have developed TBO-TECH Self Defense Products into a major internet distributor of premium self defense products.

"We know what it's like to feel insecure about your own personal safety in today's society. The self-defense products we carry are of the highest quality and have been proven over and over that they are effective. Hopefully, you will never have to use our products in a self defense situation. However, if you do, TBO-TECH has made a specialty of offering non-lethal ways to protect yourself, your family and your home."


TBO-TECH Staff - We're here to help you be more secure!
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Steve Thibeault has over 20 years of experience in the self-defense products field, marking him as a respected and knowledgeable veteran of the stun gun and personal security products industry. His journey began with a deep commitment to empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to protect themselves in any situation. Over the decades, Steve has not only curated a comprehensive selection of top-tier self-defense products but also mastered the nuances of personal safety strategies.

An avid advocate for responsible self-defense, Steve's expertise is rooted in a profound understanding of the mechanics and effective use of stun guns, pepper sprays, and tactical gear. His authority in the field is recognized by numerous security professionals and self-defense enthusiasts who seek his guidance and trust his recommendations.

Beyond his professional accolades, Steve's commitment to trustworthiness and ethical business practices sets him apart. He ensures that every product offered through his platform is rigorously tested and meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. His transparent approach to product reviews and safety tips has garnered a loyal following, with many relying on his honest assessments to make informed decisions about their personal security.

In the ever-evolving landscape of self-defense, Steve Thibeault continues to be a beacon of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. His mission to educate and equip individuals with the means to protect themselves reflects a deep-seated passion for safety and empowerment. As he looks to the future, Steve remains dedicated to advancing the field of self-defense products, always with an unwavering commitment to the well-being of his community.

Where is TBO-TECH?

TBO-TECH is located in Southern Florida. Our location affords us the ability to ship our quality products quickly and conveniently to anywhere in the continental United States.

Our physical address is:

27270 Elaine Dr
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Email: customerservice@tbotech.com

Why should you choose TBO-TECH?

You should choose TBO-TECH because we are committed to YOU, our customer. Our number one priority is providing you with the quality products and customer service you deserve. Why? Let's face it, We know that you have a lot of companies to choose from and our family earns its bread and butter by taking care of our extended family, you, our customers.

On the lighter side, we offer some really fun products like slingshots, blowguns, and more. So, while you're looking for the right items to keep your family secure, be sure to not overlook our leisure time product offerings.

We also know the importance of our customer's privacy. Your privacy is important to us. TBO-TECH will never use your name, address, phone number, or e-mail address for anything other than business with TBO-TECH. Furthermore, we will never sell, rent, or otherwise give any of the above information to anyone. We want you to feel comfortable and secure when doing business with us. You can opt-in to our email list from TBO-TECH offering discounts and safety information. However, if you do not wish to receive such emails, you can opt out from our mailing list simply by clicking a link. If you would like more information about our privacy policy, please read our Privacy Policy.

What else can TBO-TECH offer?

Aside from our large line of self defense products and excellent customer service, we have safety tips and articles spread throughout the store that you can use to educate yourself and help make decisions on what type of products to get for your own use. Here's one for a college: Campus Safety

Fundraising is an important activity for schools and organizations to earn money. TBOTECH can help you with this effort by offering discounted pricing on security products. Raise money while enhancing security and safety.

Be sure to check our self-defense and security blog for the latest posts.