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For Women

These stunners are perfect for smaller hands or keeping your self defense tactic a secret. Never be without some form or protection. You have a large variety to choose from so pick the one that suits you.

Take advantage of these high powered stun guns for women!

Stun Guns for WomenThese are stun guns for women. We've chosen these because of their smaller size, ease of use, and because we know you like pink. They're not all pink, however, so you get to choose your own style. These will also fit inside of a purse or can hang on your side while jogging or walking.

Stun Guns for Ladies

With high volts reaching into the millions, ladies can now find lipstick, cellphones, and even perfumes all bottled up with teeth clenching jolts of electricity that will give your unsuspecting attacker a surprising shock of his life.

These accessory-like stunners allow you have the personal protection ability you need while also not compromising your style. We all know that women are targeted for crime more than men.

We may be not as strong, but we are certainly just as smart or even smarter. Carrying "protection" just got a whole new meaning!

Women's self defense has come a long way, baby. And now there is a way to protect yourself!