Stun Guns

Defend Yourself with One of These Stun Guns

Powerful electrical devices pump an overload of painful electricity into your attacker. This surprising shock allows you to get away. The longer you hold it on them, the more effective it will be.

The current will not pass to you, even if the person you are stunning is touching you.

Top-quality stun guns to choose from. Names like: Stun Master, The Runt, Streetwise, & Police Force.

Many of our stun devices have multiple color options you can choose from. Click on the product page to see your available choices.

How do you know if one is right for you?

It is important to know that these WILL NOT hurt you if you need to use it on someone. The shock will not run through you when you touch a person with it, it will only affect that person. You will not get "electrocuted" or feel anything, even if you are standing in water using it.

The Lilguy

So, now that you know you cannot get hurt using one, what else should you know? They will NOT kill someone. You are not electrocuting them. You are just immobilizing them so you can get to safety.

These devices are built with very low amps, therefore not causing permanent injury or death. You can read more about how one of these devices immobilizes an attacker by reading this: How do stun devices work?

Electrical Weapons are Intimidating!

Which is EXACTLY what you want. They buzz and crackle loudly, and will make someone flinch. Since you are the one in possession of it, you should not be scared of it.

In Hand Runt Stun Gun

PRACTICE using it. Once you see and hear your own, and learn the different features of the one you chose, you will begin to feel comfortable using it. No matter which self defense weapon you choose, as soon as you receive it, you need to ALWAYS know the features, learn how it works, and practice.

We do have a large line to choose from, and they range in price from around $18 up to about $80. The range depends on voltage and features.

So, now you may be thinking...

Which one should I choose?

All of that will depend on where you want to carry it, how much voltage you want, and what features you need. Each product page provides information about the voltage and features. You just need to decide where you would want to have it; such as: in a purse, in your pocket, on a nightstand, or maybe in your vehicle. They come in various sizes, so really, no matter where or how you want to carry it, you'll find what you need.

The Rechargeable Runt

You'll feel a heck of a lot better having something to protect yourself with. Having one of these in your purse or on your belt that you can pull out will go a long way in ensuring your safety.

When you're walking out of the grocery store with a cart of groceries and just want to get home, you won't worry so much about the strange guy coming up to ask if you need help. Most likely, once you pull out your personal protector, he won't even bother.

A great partner for a stun gun is pepper spray – check out our line of pepper sprays! Paired together, you will be prepared for any situation you encounter where you fear for your safety.

*The voltages stated on the individual product pages are claims made by the manufacturers of the products and do not necessarily represent actual "real life" voltages produced by the stepping up of the power source through the use of the internal transformers.