Self Defense Hammer Spray

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Combining pepper spray and a striking point, it's designed to keep you safe in close-quarter situations while providing long-range protection, making it your trusted ally in any emergency.

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When ordinary pepper spray falls short, turn to the revolutionary Hammer Spray, a patented, US-made self-defense innovation that combines two potent protection tools into one unstoppable force.

Introducing Hammer Spray: Your Ultimate Self-Defense Powerhouse

Inspired by the powerful "hammer strike" maneuver, the Hammer Spray's ingenious design features a weighty, ergonomic grip, attached cord, pepper spray canister, and a formidable striking point, making it the ultimate guardian in your personal safety arsenal.

Why Choose Hammer Spray?

  1. Effective Close-Quarter Defense: While traditional pepper spray demands distance from your attacker, Hammer Spray thrives in close-quarter confrontations. When an assailant grabs you, the sharp edge on the military-grade aluminum housing becomes your secret weapon, creating separation to enable you to deploy the pepper spray and make a safe getaway.

  2. Safety First: Your well-being is paramount. Hammer Spray incorporates a safety nozzle that must be turned to activate, ensuring it's only used when you're ready to defend yourself.

  3. UV Dye for Identification: Inside its compact frame, Hammer Spray packs 0.5 oz. of potent pepper spray with added UV dye. In the event of an attack, this dye becomes a crucial tool for law enforcement, aiding in the swift identification of your assailant.

  4. Designed for DNA Recovery: Hammer Spray's patented design includes custom grooving at the end of the striking point, allowing for the collection of DNA from an assailant. This feature empowers the authorities to bring perpetrators to justice swiftly.

  5. Refillable for Ongoing Protection: Your safety should never have an expiration date. Hammer Spray is refillable with both 0.5 oz. and 0.75 oz. standard canisters, ensuring you're always prepared for whatever may come your way.

  6. Twice the Protection: With Hammer Spray, you get the best of both worlds. A sharp point for close-quarters striking and long-range pepper spray for deterring threats from a distance. It's the ultimate self-defense combination.

Empower yourself with the unmatched protection of Hammer Spray. When your safety is on the line, trust in the innovative design and potent capabilities of this groundbreaking self-defense tool. Choose Hammer Spray, where safety meets innovation, and never compromise on your personal security again.

Your Safety. Your Confidence. Hammer Spray.

Prepare for the unexpected and equip yourself with the ultimate self-defense solution that truly delivers. With Hammer Spray, you're not just securing your safety; you're taking back control of your life.

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