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Amount should be between $25.00 and $1,500.00

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How to purchase Gift Certificates

Purchasing a gift certificate is easy. You just fill out the to and from fields, choose your amount, and click the ADD TO CART button. 

OPTIONAL - The "Add Products for a Gift" button is if you want to pay for a specific product as well as send a gift certificate. You pay for the products you chose upfront along with your gift certificate amount. The recipient will get your chosen product that you paid for and they will also get to use the entire amount of your gift certificate.

There are two options for sending the certificate. It can be emailed to your recipient or we can mail a certificate through the US Mail. Click the one that corresponds to the method you would like us to use when sending your gift certificate. For email, you will need to provide the email address of the recipient in the space provided near the bottom of the form. For US Mail, we'll just need the mailing address.

You can preview the certificate by clicking the Preview button and you will see what will be sent to them either by US mail or via email.

Once you are satisfied with the information you entered, click the ADD TO CART button and you can proceed to check out as normal to make payment.