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California Pepper Spray Law

Is Pepper Spray Legal in California?

As someone who lives in the great state of California, you may be wondering if pepper spray is something you are allowed to carry. And the quick answer is: Yes, it is. A citizen of the state of California is allowed to carry pepper sprays without any license or permit.  There are, however, a few caveats. Pepper Spray in California Restrictions...

Knife for Self Defense

7 Reasons You Should Use a Knife for Self Defense

Did you know that there were over 300,000 robbery cases in 2017 alone? Someone could try to mug you while you're out walking, at a store, or even in the safety of your home. This is the reason you should invest in a self defense kit. A kit should carry everything you need to protect yourself from harm. One of the items you'll need is a weapon to...

Keys as a Weapon

Why You Should Never Use Your Keys as a Self-Defense Tool

Over a million violent crimes are committed every year, including muggings, sexual assault , and more. It's a statistic no one wants to be a part of, but sometimes bad luck and unfortunate circumstances have other plans. You can't control every situation you're in, but you can learn how to defend yourself in case the worst should happen. Many...

Pepper Spray vs Mace

Pepper Spray vs Mace: What's the Difference and Which Is Better?

Using pepper spray or mace on someone sucks. But sometimes it's necessary—which is probably why you're reading this article. If you're in a dangerous situation, make sure you take necessary actions before having to use pepper spray or mace. If you're looking for extra protection to carry around with you, you've come to the right place....

what to do if someone is following you

What to Do if Someone Is Following You

We've all had the sneaking feeling that a dark alleyway or an unfamiliar corner might contain someone watching us. That feeling is useful, and it's not always incorrect to think that someone is following you or that a person in your area is a threat to you. Most of the time, thankfully, those thoughts are just defenses that our brains put up to keep...

Hand to Hand Combat Tactics

10 Essential Tips to Know When Engaging in Hand to Hand Combat

There are some amazing people out there. They've got interesting ideas to share and kindness in abundance. The problem is that they're other types of people too. Of all the crimes reported in the US in 2018, almost 70% of them were aggravated assaults. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself "How would I fare in hand to hand combat?" If so,...

Arizona Gun Laws

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Arizona Gun Laws

Arizona is a wide-open state with various types of land and 6,900,000 registered residents . Many of them enjoy using firearms for recreation and/or protection. Despite this, only 2% of residents have a concealed weapons permit. Arizona gun laws are lax and don't require every gun owner to have one. It's also legal to carry or drive with a...

Throwing Shurikens

A Beginner's Guide to Throwing Shurikens for Backyard Target Practice

Ninjas are awesome. Pretty much everyone agrees on that. If you look up the word in a dictionary, your odds are pretty good of seeing a picture of a ninja. Okay, not really. But regardless, we all like ninjas. And part of the cool factor of ninjas is a weapon whose usage is unique to them; the shuriken, or throwing star. As a weapon,...

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