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How to Charge the Runt Stun Gun

How Do I Recharge my Runt Stun Gun?

"I own a Runt Stun Gun and am happy with it. The directions tell me how often to recharge it but not how to recharge it. How do I recharge it?" We answer this question here. How to Charge the Runt Stun Gun When you first receive your package in the mail or from UPS, you'll open it and find a box like this one: Green Runt Stun Gun...

Personal Protection Items for Hikers

8 Personal Protection Items For Hikers

Curious about which personal protection items to pack? Most hikers fear three things: bears, mountain lions, and other hikers. But other sources of danger can be just as deadly. Did you know cows kill 10x as many people as bears each year? Bees, wasps , and hornets kill 58x as many. So what should you be prepared for? Well, it depends on your...


Where and When Do Most Muggings Happen?

According to the FBI , property crime has been down but violent crimes have been up. Mugging--it's something everyone wants to avoid and some people don't even think it will ever happen to them. The reality is that, regardless of falling crime rates in the last two decades, getting mugged is still a very real threat. A big part of defending...

Wasp Spray vs. Pepper Spray

Wasp Spray VS Pepper Spray: What's The Difference?

Did you know in the U.S. alone there's one  aggravated assault every 34 seconds ? Maybe you do know, and that's why you're here... Looking for information on wasp spray vs pepper spray. There is a lot of information -- and misinformation -- circulating about the use of wasp spray for self defense. We want to clear it up for you. Read on to...

How to Handle a Stalker

How To Handle A Stalker

The media often tries to glamorize stalking as romantic and a sign that someone cares about you. But anyone who has dealt with a stalker in real life will tell you that it is the exact opposite of that. If someone is stalking you, you know how traumatizing living with fear can be. Dealing with harassment and even threats to your safety is not a nice...

Hidden Containers for Stashing Your Valuables

15 Clever Hidden Containers for Stashing Your Valuables

Every year, there  are millions of Americans  who are the victims of home burglaries. Many of these people end up losing cash, jewelry, and other valuable items due to the burglaries that occur. Do you want to avoid becoming a statistic by protecting your valuables in the event of a home invasion? You can do it pretty easily by investing in hidden...

What is Pepper Spray Made of?

What Is Pepper Spray Made Of?

If you've ever taken a bite of a hot chili pepper, you might be familiar with the sharp, burning sensation that seems to stick around no matter how much water you drink. Now, imagine that burning sensation all over your face--in your eyes, nose, and mouth. That's the idea behind pepper spray, a tool used for law enforcement purposes and self-defense...

Defensive Weapons College Students

6 Self Defensive Weapons Perfect for the College Student in Your Life

Life on campus can feel like living in a bubble--and for the most part, it is. Administration and campus security are focused on providing safe transportation and student protection. But this doesn't mean that your child is safe while walking back to their dorm late at night. Physical and sexual assault on campus is a harsh reality: students are at...

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