A Guide to Buying Ninja Weapons

Ninja Weapons Guide

Everyone knows that ninja weapons include swords and throwing stars. But did you know that they used bows, climbing spikes, and even caltrops?

Ninjas are known for their prowess in combat. They were warriors that excelled in all sorts of fights. But most importantly, they used the right ninja supplies for every job.

Question is, how can you buy the right ninja tools?

You can buy a ninja star just about anywhere. But you might not be getting the best quality.

In this guide, we'll teach you everything you know, from buying Ninjato to ninja spikes. Then you'll know what to look for on your next shopping trip.

Ninja Weapons for Display vs. Functional

We know what you're thinking: the second you buy your ninja supplies, you want to try them out. One of the best ways to use a sword is to cut up tatami mats. This is a safe way to test the sharpness of your weapon.

But not so fast! Before you buy any weapons, you need to know the difference between display and functional weapons.

Display Weapons

Display weapons, as the name implies, are for display only. They look great on a wall, but that's all they're good for. They may seem threatening, but once you see them in action, you'll change your mind.

These weapons often only have a rat-tail tang. The tang is the length of metal inside the handle that connects to the blade. Without a solid tang, your weapon will fall to pieces.

Since display weapons aren't for real fighting, they use a weak, cheap tang. Just swinging or shaking a display weapon could detach the tang. You could end up putting a sword through the window, so be careful!

Further, a display weapon doesn't have a sharp edge. This is for obvious reasons: you don't want that blade to cut you if it falls off the stand!

In fact, a display weapon would probably shatter if you used it. These are usually cold-forged. They do not have the strength to deal with blows like a real sword.

Sharp edges on swords are quite rare. You'll have to search hard to find a ninja sword online that carries an edge. If you do find one, it will be much more expensive.

Long story short, a display weapon is more budget-friendly. They're a great option if you just need something to decorate the wall. They will not serve you well if you need them for self-defense.

However, just because a display weapon is non-lethal doesn't mean you can't get in trouble. You should never threaten someone with a weapon, even as a joke. You can get in big trouble if you swing around your ninja sword in public.

Functional Weapons

A functional weapon is the real deal. This is a sword or knife that has a sharp edge. As such, you could theoretically use them in combat.

Of course, you won't be using them in combat. But if you want to cut tatami mats or hanging pieces of meat, this is the ticket.

As mentioned earlier, a functional weapon will be more expensive. This is because the manufacturers have to make the weapon by traditional means. This means folding the metal hundreds of times and quenching the blade.

Be careful; a functional weapon is sharp! You will cut yourself badly if you're not careful. When you purchase a functional weapon, you need to treat it with the utmost care.

A functional weapon is a great way to appreciate swordcraft. When you see how it cuts through tatami mats, you get a deeper appreciation for the ninja way as well.

Know the law where you live. Some states and cities ban the purchase of sharp weapons. In some cases, they even ban the purchase of display weapons.

The important thing here is to be mature and responsible if you become a weapon owner. Understand that there are better self-defense weapons available to you. You should take self-defense courses and learn from professionals how to handle a weapon.

Ninjato: The Ninja Blade of Choice

Nijato - Ninja Sword

Your sights are probably set on the ninja sword. This is the first thing people think of when they imagine Japan.

When purchasing a ninja sword, keep a few things in mind:

  • The length of the blade
  • The length of the handle
  • The quality of the crossguard
  • The quality of the handle
  • The decorations

Ninjato come in different lengths. Some have very long handles that give you more control of the blade. Others are shorter, with a small sheath that could fit into the small of your back.

It's up to you which size sword you choose. Ninjas often had more than one and used them for different purposes. Unless you want to go for authenticity, you can choose whichever suits your fancy.

Be on the lookout for the quality of the crossguard and handle. Some crossguards are cheap plastic that won't last long. The handle may be plastic instead of wood.

Further, check for decorations. Some ninja blades have black paint on the blade. Others have tassels dangling from the pommel.

Again, it's up to you what sort of sword style you go for. But make sure it has high-quality components. Low-quality components will be noticeable when you hold the sword for yourself.

The Ninja Star: A Ninja's Preferred Ranged Weapon

The ninja star, sometimes called shuriken, is a many-pointed metal star. When you throw them, they spin in the air. They're easier than throwing knives since at least one point is guaranteed to land on target.

4" Stonewash 6-Point Heavy Duty Throwing Star

Be careful; these can be sharp! A ninja star works great at short range. They fly in a straight path due to the concentric spin of the points.

Make sure to purchase a pouch to carry your ninja star. This is not the sort of thing you should store in your pockets!

If you want to put your ninja star to use, be careful. Find a place where the star won't hurt someone or something. It's best if you practice throwing them away from people.

You can buy smaller ninja stars if you like. This allows you to carry more at once. When you go to the range, you can throw one after another.

Other Ninja Ranged Weapons

Ninjas did not limit themselves to throwing stars alone. They had a wide assortment of weapons for any task. Chief among these were blow darts and throwing spikes.

A blowgun was a stealthy way to take down enemies from afar. A ninja could conceal a blowgun in their footwraps. They could pull out the blowgun and fire in seconds.

Blowgun Target Darts

However, treat your blowgun with care. Do not fire at humans or animals. Use a safe target like a tree, and make sure the blow darts won't hurt anything behind it.

When a ninja ran out of stars and blow darts, they had their trusty throwing spikes.

A throwing spike is more akin to a throwing knife. It takes a lot more practice. You need to learn how to make it fly straight rather than spinning it.

Ninja Throwing Spikes

Throwing spikes are a bit safer to use than stars. You can slip one out of your pouch without any effort. With practice, you'll learn how to land them on target every time.

Ninja Spikes: The Best Way to Make a Retreat

Ninjas were all about stealth. They know how to sneak in during the black of night. But stealth is hard, and sometimes you need to deter followers.

Ninjas would do this with caltrops. The spikes on caltrops are painful to step on, and ninjas used them to deter humans and horses. They would keep them in a pouch and toss them to their rear.


Caltrops are tiny, ideal for storing a few dozen per pouch. They're small and therefore hard to see on the ground.

It goes without saying, do not use caltrops on a real person. These ninja caltrops are for show only. However, they can make a fun toy to toss like real ninjas.

Ninja Tools and Ninja Supplies: Climb Like a Ninja

Ninjas often needed to scale a fortress wall at night. They had two tools on hand: a grappling hook and foot spikes.

The grappling hook makes for an excellent way to scale walls. All you need is a place for the spikes to dig in. This could be a crenellation or the fork of a tree.

Ninja Grappling Hook

When using your grappling hook, exercise caution. Do not attempt to climb a high wall. You should use a climbing harness and proper climbing procedure.

Foot spikes help to give you traction during a climb. They can dig into the dirt, brick, or the cracks between stones. This allowed a ninja to climb much faster than his rivals.

Ninja Foot Spikes

When using your foot spikes, be careful not to damage any buildings. Try them out on a tree or rock wall where they won't cause serious damage. As before, use a climbing harness and proper climbing procedure.

Concealed Ninja Self-Defense Weapons

Sometimes, a ninja was on the defensive. They needed weapons that were easy to hide. If someone attacked, a ninja would have only seconds to arm themselves.

Nunchuks are a classic ninja weapon. You can transfer them from hand to hand very quickly. They allow you to hit your target fast from multiple angles.

Ninja Nunchaku

Sometimes, though, a ninja was in an enclosed space. With less room to maneuver, you can't swing nunchucks. So, they would use a kubotan spike.

Think of a kubotan as a mean pair of Japanese brass knuckles. They give your fist more density when punching. They include spikes from multiple angles for striking an opponent.

A kubotan is a self-defense weapon that you can actually deploy. A woman might find it useful to keep in her purse. It may work much better than sticking keys between your fingers.

How to Use Ninja Weapons

Remember, being a weapon owner gives you a lot of responsibility. You are responsible for the consequences of using that weapon. That means being conscious of the space you use it in and the people around you.

As a general rule, you shouldn't use ninja weapons around people. Find a secluded area that gives you lots of space. Do not use human or animal targets to practice with!

If you live in a residential area, be conscious of your neighbors. You should not use ranged weapons on your neighbor's fence. You risk the weapon flying over the wall and hurting people.

Do not bring your weapons into public places. Pay attention to areas that are weapon-free zones. If security or the police find a weapon on you, you could be in big trouble.

Keep weapons away from small children. Store them on high shelves out of reach of kids. Ideally, put them in a locked safe when not in use.

Finally, never joke around with a weapon. Never pretend to threaten or cause harm to another person or animal. By picking up a weapon, you accept the responsibility to keep others safe.

Such was the case with ninjas. They were defenders of their people. They only used weapons in times of war, in offense, or in defense, of their nation.

Have fun with your ninja weapons. But remember: you could cause a lot of harm if you're not careful. The result of your actions could result in legal action.

Buy Your Weapons from a Responsible Vendor

Ninja weapons make you feel like the iconic black-clad Japanese warriors. Likewise, ninja supplies allow you to traverse your environment better. Always take special care of your weapons and use them responsibly.

There's an online vendor that can supply all of your ninja needs. Check out the ninja shop for more ninja gear.


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