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Sap Gloves

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Steel Filled Gloves To Enhance Your Punching Power. The Police Have Been Using Them For Years. Now You Can Have The SAME Advantage!


Steel Filled Gloves To Enhance Your Punching Power. The Police Have Been Using Them For Years. Now You Can Have The SAME Advantage!

Police SAP Gloves

SAP Gloves increase your punching effectiveness while protecting your fist. These weighted gloves add mass to your punch which increases the kinetic energy of the overall effort. The physical increases in productivity add to the power of your punch while also protecting your hands from the blows and reducing injuries. 

Looking like ordinary gloves, you can wear these without raising any suspicion of what you actually have. Used by guards, club bounces, other security professions, and of course the police.

  • Law Enforcement SAP Gloves with steel shot knuckles.
  • 7oz. per glove of steel shot sewn into the knuckle area and made of high quality leather.
  • Superior to that of powdered lead.
  • This impact tool will stun and subdue the violator in their tracks.
  • Available in two sizes.

Pack a serious punch with these otherwise innocuous gloves.

You'll completely floor the poor soul and they won't know what hit 'em.

These steel filled gloves are now available to the public. Law enforcement has been using them for years to help win fights with unruly suspects.

Earn the respect you're after and the reputation as a power puncher.

Order yours today and be prepared next time you need to throw down.

Please note: these self defense gloves CAN NOT be shipped to California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey.

SAP Gloves


Our SAP gloves are a self defense weapon which helps to improve your punching power and also protects your wrist and forearm. Almost similar to the effectiveness of brass knuckles, these SAP gloves reinforce your fist with steel shot inside the knuckle area.

They are an ordinary looking glove that you can wear casually in plain sight without causing suspicion, and can protect yourself if needed. Also, great for wearing while on motorcyles to protect from road burn in case of an accident.


  • Two Sizes: There are two sizes available. Large: 9 1/2"-10" XLarge: 10 1/2"-11"
  • 7oz. of Steel Shot: This high quality pair of SAP Gloves have 6oz of steel shot strategically sewn into the knuckles to enhance punching power and protect your knuckles from impact.
  • Genuine Goatskin Leather: Double Layered Genuine Goatskin Leather palms for maximum durability.
  • Breathable Spandex: For comfort & elasticity to fit your hands perfectly.
  • Additional Padding: Protects your fingers.
  • Velcro Strap: Loop Wrist Closure with velcro for secure fit.
  • Design: The look and feel of ordinary gloves.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The SAP Gloves are made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty. See the enclosed instructions for complete details.

Closer look at the steel shot that is inside:

Close up of steel shot

Don't be misled by other companies selling law enforcement gloves that are filled with sand or powdered lead. We ripped open the stitching on the front to show you exactly what is inside. If (when) they get wet, the steel shot will stay in place. Unlike models that are filled with sand or powder which will seep out.

Are SAP gloves the right self defense option?

There are a plethora of self defense weapons that you can buy from the market today. While some of them are compact and can be well hidden, there are others that are large and cannot go unnoticed. There are also weapons that are camouflaged so well, your opponent cannot figure it out easily. These fall under the category of camouflaged self defense weapons.

They look like a normal pair of black gloves but have metal shot stitched into the region of the knuckles. They serve as protection against attacks and also help you knock out your opponent easily. They give you an upper hand that you wouldn't normally get if you only had your bare fists.

Not a lot of regular stores sell the SAP gloves. You'll likely only find them online at stores like TBOTECH. Buy yours here to get best quality at an affordable price. The Police Force brand delivers on materials and workmanship offering true goatskin leather, breathable Spandex and a lifetime warranty.

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