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Self Defense Tips

Self Protection Tips You Need to Know

When it comes to self-protection, knowledge is key. Knowing how to protect yourself in various situations can give you the confidence and skills you need to stay safe. In this article, we'll go over some comprehensive self-protection tips that you can use to keep yourself safe in any situation. As with almost anything in life, prevention is the key....

Stun Guns for College Students

Stun Guns: A Powerful Alternative for Campus Safety

College is an exciting and formative time in a young adult's life, but it can also be a time of increased risk, especially concerning personal safety. For college students, carrying self-defense devices is one way to stay safe on campus or out and about. Stun guns , such as the stun gun flashlight, are popular items among students because they offer a...

Juji Shuriken

Unlock the Secrets of the Juji Shuriken

Ah, the Juji Shuriken, the mysterious ninja weapon of Japanese lore. So few have unlocked its secrets, so little is known about its use. Let us unravel the mysteries together and discover the lost art of this ancient artifact!  In this comprehensive guide, I’ll guide you through the history of the Juji Shuriken and its various forms, we'll learn how...

Use Stun Gun

Tips on How to Use a Stun Gun Properly

Stun guns are a popular self-defense tool used by people all over the world. They work by delivering an electric shock to an attacker, causing them to lose muscle control and incapacitating them temporarily. However, simply owning a stun gun is not enough – you need to know how to use it effectively in order to protect yourself. In this guide, we will...

Stun Gun Psychological Effects

Psychological Effects of Being Stunned with Stun Gun

It's an integral part of police force training – the infamous stun gun, commonly known as a taser. Designed to bring down a suspect without doing them (or the police officer) any serious harm, the device is revolutionizing the way police departments' officers do their jobs. Though most people view a stun gun as their means of last resort if a case ever...

Stun Guns for Runners

5 Reasons Why Stun Guns are a Runner's Best Self-Defense Companion

As a runner, you likely enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with hitting the pavement, breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the endorphins flow through your body. But unfortunately, there are dangers that come with running alone, especially at night or in isolated areas. One way to stay safe is by carrying a stun gun, sometimes referred to as a...

Stun Guns and Animals

Stun Guns and Animals: Can They Be Used Humanely?

Stun guns, also known as electroshock weapons or tasers, are commonly used for self-defense purposes against humans by utilizing electricity. However, stun guns are also an effective tool for animal control, particularly in situations where the animal may pose a threat to public safety or property. Stun guns provide a non-lethal alternative to firearms,...

Self Defense Tactics

Top Self-Defense Tactics Everyone Should Know

Many Americans believe that the United States is a more dangerous place than it used to be, and with the rise in the use of weapons and assault incidents, their concerns aren't unfounded. It's no wonder people are searching for ways to defend themselves with confidence, utilizing martial arts techniques from sports like karate, boxing, and muay thai, to...

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