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Personal Protection Devices for Women

Personal Protection Devices for Women

Deciding which item to carry for self defense can sometimes be quite confusing. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision as to which of the personal protection devices are best for you. Self defense devices for women range from harmless all the way up to causing pain and even injury. While you may not be comfortable...

How to Handle a Stalker

How To Handle A Stalker

The media often tries to glamorize stalking as romantic and a sign that someone cares about you. But anyone who has dealt with a stalker in real life will tell you that it is the exact opposite of that. If someone is stalking you, you know how traumatizing living with fear can be. Dealing with harassment and even threats to your safety is not a nice...

Hidden Containers for Stashing Your Valuables

15 Clever Hidden Containers for Stashing Your Valuables

Every year, there  are millions of Americans  who are the victims of home burglaries. Many of these people end up losing cash, jewelry, and other valuable items due to the burglaries that occur. Do you want to avoid becoming a statistic by protecting your valuables in the event of a home invasion? You can do it pretty easily by investing in hidden...

What is Pepper Spray Made of?

What Is Pepper Spray Made Of?

If you've ever taken a bite of a hot chili pepper, you might be familiar with the sharp, burning sensation that seems to stick around no matter how much water you drink. Now, imagine that burning sensation all over your face--in your eyes, nose, and mouth. That's the idea behind pepper spray, a tool used for law enforcement purposes and self-defense...

Defensive Weapons College Students

6 Self Defensive Weapons Perfect for the College Student in Your Life

Life on campus can feel like living in a bubble--and for the most part, it is. Administration and campus security are focused on providing safe transportation and student protection. But this doesn't mean that your child is safe while walking back to their dorm late at night. Physical and sexual assault on campus is a harsh reality: students are at...

Self Protection Weapons

The 10 Most Unique Self Defense Weapons Money Can Buy

If you live alone, work late nights, or you've just moved to a new area, you can't be too careful. These situations can end poorly if you don't have a  self-protection device  on-hand. Not to mention, experienced attackers have no problem targeting people in the light of day or in large crowds. As such, you should always be ready if danger comes your...

Best Self Defense for Women

15 Best Self Defense Products For Women

Self defense for women goes back decades. Women were using their hat pins to stab creepy guys on the trolly in the 1900s. That's why those old hat pins are so sharp. Since then, women have become creative in their pursuits of safety and independence. They sign up for self-defense classes, they develop apps, and they look out for each other ....

Best States for Gun Owners

Standing by the Second Amendment: The Best States for Gun Owners

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an amendment written into the Constitution at America's founding. Like the pursuit of liberty, this is a right integral to a truly democratic nation, one where individual freedoms are not limited in light of a higher power's interest. However, America has an intriguing and healthy mixture of voices,...

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