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Common Household Objects

7 Common Household Objects You Can Use as Defense

Over one million home invasions happen every year. Are you ready to defend yourself and your loved ones against a potentially violent attacker? Even if you don't exactly have an arsenal of professional self-defense tools and weapons at home, you can use common household objects to get the job done. You'll need to think quickly and sometimes get...

Self Defense Weapons for Your Purse

10 Self Defense Weapons You Can Carry in Your Purse

35% of women in the world have experienced violence in their lifetime. 16% of women fear for their lives because they believed they would be a victim of violence by a close relative or friend. While violence against women has many facets, one thing that is key is educating and arming women with self-defense weapons so they can defend themselves...

Self Defense for Children

7 Reasons Why It Is Important to Teach Self Defense for Kids

When it comes to our children, we as parents are very protective. We want to keep them safe from every danger! The reality is that there are times when they are alone out there and we have to trust their ability to take care of themselves. Knowing how to protect oneself is not exclusively an adult activity. It is actually a useful skill for the...

How to Stay Safe When Walking Alone at Night

What Creeps in the Darkness: How to Stay Safe When Walking Alone at Night

Even the streets we walk every day can feel unfamiliar and scary at night. The shops are closed, the sidewalks are empty, and every shadow feels like a potential threat. As a result, late-night walks can leave many of us feeling a little uneasy. In fact, 37 percent of Americans report not feeling safe when walking at night, which includes 45 percent...

Self Defense Tools

10 of the Best Non-Gun Self-Defense Tools

When you're thrust into a terrifying situation, you need to think quickly. Your life depends on it. When it comes to self-defense tools, nothing beats a gun. But firearms aren't always available when something terrible happens. See some of the  non gun weapons products you will find here at TBOTECH. Keep reading for your guide to the best...

Legal Self Defense Weapons

Traveling: 10 Legal Self-Defense Weapons

A huge concern among travelers is the safety of new places. While you can read up on any area, the fact is that we're more vulnerable when we're in a place we've never been to. We could stumble upon unsafe areas, come in contact with people trying to take advantage of travelers, or simply experience regular crime that could happen in any area. It's...

How to Throw Throwing Knives

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Throwing Knives

Thinking about becoming a street performer? If you aim to entertain and earn a decent profit, you'll have to focus on a talent not many others can provide to the crowd. One amazing trick not a lot of others try is knife-throwing. Knife-throwing is a fascinating act, leaving people spellbound as they witness it in various media. It even appears...

Real Throwing Knives

Are Real Throwing Knives Legal and Where Can You Carry Them?

When it comes to self-defense, some people prefer carrying a knife instead of a gun. In general, good self-defense tactics encourage you to keep threats as far away as possible. If an attacker comes within arm's length, your safety is at great risk. But if your personal preference is to carry a knife instead of a gun, and harm is best kept far...

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