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Best Self Defense for Women

15 Best Self Defense Products For Women

Self defense for women goes back decades. Women were using their hat pins to stab creepy guys on the trolly in the 1900s. That's why those old hat pins are so sharp. Since then, women have become creative in their pursuits of safety and independence. They sign up for self-defense classes, they develop apps, and they look out for each other ....

Best States for Gun Owners

Standing by the Second Amendment: The Best States for Gun Owners

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an amendment written into the Constitution at America's founding. Like the pursuit of liberty, this is a right integral to a truly democratic nation, one where individual freedoms are not limited in light of a higher power's interest. However, America has an intriguing and healthy mixture of voices,...

College Safety Items

5 Safety Items to Give Your College Bound Kid

Did you know that overall crime on college campuses in America has  dropped 35%  since 2005? As a parent with a college-bound teen, that figure must give you some reassurance. But before you breathe a big sigh of relief, consider another fact: There's no such thing as a 100% safe college for your new student. Despite reduced rates, in 2016 alone...

Pepper Spray for Self Defense

5 Benefits to Carrying Pepper Spray

1 out of 6 women  have been the victim of rape. These kinds of statistics should terrify anyone. Unfortunately, there are large amounts of rape, assault, and battery taking place every day. Despite the fact these problems shouldn't even be happening, taking precautions is needed because they do. One of the best ways to stay protected is by...

Children's Self Defense

5 Products Designed for Self Defense for Children

Even breaching the topic of self defense for children can set off the wrong kind of alarms. We don't want to think about the possibility of harm coming to children, let alone having to teach them to avoid it. For those with a fear of talking about safety with children, considering the alternatives rarely helps. Instead, it is best to consider how...

Self Defense Tools for Women

9 Essential Self Defense Tools For Women

Did you know that researchers have found that women who resist their attackers physically and verbally significantly  reduced the probability that sexual assault would happen ? As well, the report showed that these actions did not significantly increase the probability of serious injury. Therefore, it is important for women to prepare themselves...

Home Defense Gun

The Disadvantages of a Home Defense Gun

If you're like most Americans, you want to prepare in case of a break-in. But home defense doesn't require the use of lethal weapons. And keeping guns in the house may do more to hurt your family than to help them. The appeal to own a firearm seems like common sense. It is also a protected American right. We envision stopping violent intruders dead in...

Hidden Safe Ideas

The Coolest Hidden Safes and How to Hide Your Stuff

Where should you put hidden safes if you want to keep your valuables out of sight? We're talking  spy-level subterfuge . No one will ever suspect that you're hiding something when it's placed in the coolest, but surprisingly ingenious, places. This is important because the burglary rate in some states is hitting nearly  1,000 incidents per 100,000...

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