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Hidden Safe Ideas

The Coolest Hidden Safes and How to Hide Your Stuff

Where should you put hidden safes if you want to keep your valuables out of sight? We're talking  spy-level subterfuge . No one will ever suspect that you're hiding something when it's placed in the coolest, but surprisingly ingenious, places. This is important because the burglary rate in some states is hitting nearly  1,000 incidents per 100,000...

Self Defense Tools - Spray in Hand

10 Effective Self Defense Tools for Non Lethal Protection

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that around 3 million burglaries take place each year in the United States. You have a right to a safe, secure home, including the right to hold and utilize self-defense tools necessary to protect yourself and your family. During many of the reported burglaries, people are in their homes at the time. Which can...

Carrying a Personal Alarm

How Carrying a Personal Alarm Can Save Your Life

Millions of American's are victims of crime every year, whether it is theft, assault, burglary, sexual violence , or even murder. When it comes to keeping yourself safe, your first thought probably isn't a personal alarm. The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear personal alarms are those Life Alert commercials. You know, the ones with...

Steel Baton

5 Reasons Why a Steel Baton is the Perfect Self Defense Weapon

From terrorist attacks to mass shootings, it seems as though every day the news is reporting on hundreds of incidents of violence occurring in the United States. There may be little that the average American can do to protect themselves from a major attack. However, arming yourself against minor ones is not only possible but also essential in...

Self Defense Products

Ranking the Top 5 Self Defense Products to Carry

Do you feel safe walking alone at night ? Many people do not, especially women. In the U.S., 11% of men and 38% of women say they do not feel safe alone at night. Being prepared to defend yourself is essential. However, self defense does not mean you have to carry a gun. There are many self defense products that are non-lethal but will protect...

Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

5 Reasons to Buy an Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

When most people think about self-defense, they think about ways in which they can protect themselves from being attacked by other human beings. But self-defense isn’t just about protecting yourself from your own species. Sometimes, we need to defend ourselves from other species as well. And unfortunately, sometimes that species is America’s...

Electric Taser

How to Use an Electric Taser Weapon to Protect Yourself

An electric TASER device is the ideal, non-lethal weapon to carry for self-defense. In this article, we’ll dispel some popular misconceptions and show you how to properly use these powerful  electroshock weapons  to protect yourself and your loved ones. The Principle Behind Electroshock Weapons First, what does it do? A taser is a weapon that...

Reasons to Own a Glass Breaker

5 Reasons to Own a Glass Breaker

Even the most careful driver can get into an accident. In an emergency situation where your car is submerged or rapidly filling up with water, do you know what to do? According to  this video , a headrest can be used in a specific way to break car windows. Of course, if you want an easier way, just use a glass breaker. A glass breaker is a tool...

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