Shock Stick

We've carried stun batons for as many years as we've been in business. Two decades at this point. As one of our top sellers, it's clear that having a longer distance between you and an attacker matters.

From the feedback we've gotten over the years, a lot of people use the electric shock stick to help them deal with loose dogs that won't leave them alone or that are trying to go after them.

Walkers and runners know that quickly trying to get away from a dog will only trigger its chase instinct. When you run away, in the dog's mind, you just became prey. Their natural tendencies, when confronted with a fleeing animal or person, is to give chase.

Shock Stick as a Protection Device

By having one of these protection devices at your side, you will be able to meet a confrontation with either a person or an animal with confidence. No one likes the high voltage surprise of a powerful electrical shock. Often times, by just pressing the trigger and showing visible arcs of electricity and the intimidating sounds of the crackle is enough to persuade both human and animal to find something else to go after.

And if that doesn't work on its own, touching them with the stun stick certainly will. All of these models are powerful and will make an attacker think twice.