Pepper Spray Tips for Using Your Self Defense Spray

Pepper Spray Tips

Pepper spray, also known as OC spray or mace, is a great self-defense tool to keep handy for people of all ages and genders. You never know when you might need it to protect yourself, whether in your car or on the street. The good thing about pepper spray is that it'll give you the time you need to escape a bad situation without causing lethal harm to the attacker. Its effects can incapacitate a target, even from a distance, making it useful in various situations.

Pepper Spray Tips

Understanding a few tips is the best way to ensure that you're kept safe at all times without having to worry about someone else's life on your hands. It's effective enough to bring your attack to his or her knees without doing serious damage. Because of this, pepper sprays are one of the most popular self-defense tools, often used by law enforcement and security personnel.

You've most likely heard about it before, know someone who has a can of it, or you have seen police officers use it. It's time to see what all the hype is about! Continue reading for several tips on how to use this product the right way!

1. Safe and Accessible Storing

When storing your pepper spray, you must be sure that it's kept somewhere safe and somewhere where you can access it with ease. You don't want your children to get a hold of it, but you'll want to be able to grab it in a quick fashion when being attacked. When out and about, it's best to keep it near your hand or attached to your keychain for easy access.

This way, you won't have to do much fiddling around to find it. Many cans come with a hand strap, which makes it super easy to get ahold of and use within seconds. Others come with keyrings and other features for easy holding and accessing.

2. Understand the Safety Features

It's also important that you understand the safety features of your pepper spray. You should know how to release the safety features and how to put them back in place with ease. If you're not 100% comfortable with doing this, then you could end up without protection while being attacked.

Mace Can - Pepper Spray Tips for Safety

Mace Can Safety Features

You'll want to get a feel for the safety features as soon as you purchase the device. You want to know exactly how it works so that when used in a situation, you can quickly release the safety and spray the can.

3. Hold the Pepper Spray Correctly

Yes, there is a right way to hold it. Your first instinct might be to hold it out directly in front of you with your arm stretched out completely. This is what you don't want to do.

Take some time practicing holding your canister the right way. Take your free hand and send it out straight in front of you with your hand flat as if you were making a "stop" sign. With the hand holding the can, bend your elbow and keep the spray can in alignment with your nose.

The attacker will be distracted by your other hand, which gives you the perfect chance to use your self-defense weapon. You'll then want to go in a zig-zag motion while spraying your attacker. Always aim towards their face, but creating the "Z" pattern is your best shot at hitting their eyes with it in case they're moving.

4. Don't Rely Only on the Pepper Spray

Yes, it's a great defense tool, however, you don't want to rely on it solely. While spraying your attacker, be sure to scream as loud as possible. This will attract attention to the situation and present you with the opportunity of someone else coming to help.

Once you hit your attacker in the eyes with a spray shot, he or she will stop what they are doing and may even fall down to his or her knees. Once this happens, run! This is your chance to get away from him or her.

A defensive spray is made to give you the extra time you need to escape a situation. It's not made to fully bring an attacker down. The threat is lowered, but not terminated.

5. Be Aware of Weather Conditions

You should also be sure that the weather conditions don't cause you to spray yourself as well. We understand that there's no way for you to know when you'll be attacked, where, and how the breeze will be that day. However, it's a good idea to take in your surroundings as much as possible, maintaining awareness of the area and any potential assailants.

On a windy day, the pepper spray could be taken by a breeze and sprayed back into your face. To avoid this, be sure to protect your face with your free hand on windy days and consider the range and distance of the spray!

6. Become Familiar and Comfortable with It

As if you were purchasing a gun, you must become familiar with it and comfortable with it before using it for protection purposes. Get a feel for the canister in general, not just the safety features. You should practice holding it, aiming it, and grabbing it quickly from where you carry it at.

This way you're as prepared as possible when being attacked.

Follow These Pepper Spray Tips to Success!

If you want to keep yourself protected at all times, then you need to follow these pepper spray tips to a successful defense! You never know when, where, or how you might be attacked. What you do know is how to safely and effectively use your self defense tool to escape your attacker.

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