Everyday Items as Weapons

Common Household Objects

Over one million home invasions happen every year.

Are you ready to defend yourself and your loved ones against a potentially violent attacker? Even if you don't exactly have an arsenal of professional self-defense tools and weapons at home, you can use common household objects to get the job done.

You'll need to think quickly and sometimes get closer to the attacker. But these everyday items could quite possibly save your life. You just have to know how to use them.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to make improvised self-defense weapons from the things you use every day. Then, learn where you can also invest in some expert self-defense products.

1. A Pen

When your attacker is up close and personal, sometimes, you need to use improvised self-defense weapons.

We know that it's frightening to have to look at an attacker when they're just feet away from your face. However, try to see this as an opportunity to do the maximum amount of damage.

Pen as a Weapon

Tactical Pen

Believe it or not, a pen can do some serious damage when used the right way. Though your best case scenario would be to get a hold of a tactical pen, we understand that's not always possible.

We also suggest that you carry a penknife on your person whenever possible -- or have a few on your desk in case of emergency.

A standard pen can still work well, especially if you can grab one made from a heavier material like stainless steel. When you hold it, make sure that you use an overhand grip to maximize force.

You should aim for the eyes or other parts of the face. You can also jab the inside of an attacker's arm with your pen. Grab their hand or wrist and pull it to a right angle. Then, jab the inside of their forearm.

This video tutorial shows you other ways to use a pen to defend yourself.


2. Your Watch

Another one of the top self-defense tools that you likely use every day? Your standard wristwatch.

The goal here is to transition the watch into the equivalent of brass knuckles. As quickly as you can, unhook the watch from your wrist and put the face of the watch across your knuckles.

Of course, when you use it to punch your attacker, you'll likely have to replace the face of the watch. However, we think staying safe is much more important.

3. Cleaning Products

No one likes having to spend the afternoon cleaning their house.

But cleaning agents are yet another example of common household objects that can effectively be used to save your life. In some cases, they can be just as powerful as can of mace.

In a pinch, head underneath your kitchen counter and use insect killing spray. Then, go for the eyes. In addition to being seriously effective at blinding your attacker, these insect sprays also give you a good amount of range to work with. However, there are caveats to using wasp spray for self defense, that you should be aware of.

You can even use things like bleach and cleaning powder not only to attack the intruder but also to create a slippery path between them and you. Even if it just buys you a few seconds, that could end up making all the difference in the world.

4. Your Pot of Joe

We know it takes a lot for you to willingly sacrifice your pot of coffee, but these things make for amazing homemade self-defense weapons.

First of all, the heat of the coffee might be able to burn your attacker, rendering them immobile for at least a brief period of time.

If you have a stainless steel or even glass coffee pot? You also have a valuable weapon in the pot itself. Wield it as you would any other kind of weapon. If you can break the glass of the pot in the attacker's face, all the better.

If you don't have a pot of coffee, you can use a simple cup or mug, like this Utah woman did, to defend against your attacker. Start by throwing the contents of the mug in your attacker's face.

Then, use the empty ceramic mug to beat them with, or even to knock a weapon out of their hands.

5. Your Keys

Need another good reason not to keep misplacing your keys all the time?

Remember that they make awesome improvised self-defense weapons. In addition to having these keys with you at home, remember that they also make for good self-defense tools while you're out jogging.

Somewhat as with the wristwatch, the goal here is to place the keys between your fingers. Then, you'll have what amounts to a short, stubby knife that you can use to defend yourself.

Unfortunately, the key's length means that you can only use it to defend yourself against attackers who are extremely close to you.

Keychain Weapon

Keychain Weapon - This One is Called Brutus

Go for the legs, the inner forearms, and the eyes/face.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to keep as tight a grip on your keys as possible. Anything you use as a weapon can be used against you if seized by your attacker.

Always make sure you have a keyring you can slip between your fingers and grip with a chain.

We also suggest investing in a keychain knife -- especially if you run late at night or get a bad feeling when you head to the parking lot after work.

Even just having it on your person will make you feel much safer when you're out at night.

6. Your Belt

Looking for more homemade self-defense weapons that you can use in a pinch?

If so, we recommend using your belt. First, depending on the design, you may be able to use the belt's metal buckle to beat your attacker. As with all of the other self-defense tools on this list, aim as close to the head and face as possible.

However, even if you have a simpler belt, it can still do wonders when it comes to keeping you safe.

But what should you do if your attacker (or group of attackers) gets even closer to you?

As you might have suspected, now is the time to use your belt as a rope to choke them with. Grab the belt at each end and wrap it around the back of the attacker's neck.

Then, pull the two ends across and towards one another with as much force as you can. It won't be pleasant, but it will certainly be effective.

Hopefully, you'll be able to render your assailant unconscious so that you can then get in contact with the authorities.

7. Your Trusty Smartphone

We know that the thought of sacrificing your cell phone is always a hard sell.

But in some cases, it might be all that you have on your person.

If you have the time, we suggest that you take off your socks, slip the phone inside, and then use the sock to swing the phone's weight at your attacker.

Of course, this might not always be a possibility. In a pinch, turn your smartphone on its side so that the buttons on the side of the phone are facing you.

Then, using all the force you can muster, bring it down across the bridge of your attacker's nose. Once you hear that satisfying crunch?

You'll know that you've broken it. Use that time to run away, scream for help, or even find a better self-defense weapon in your home.

If you can't reach the attacker's nose, you can also aim for the center of their forehead. This can momentarily stun them, giving you the time you need to make your escape.

Remember: your cell phone can always be replaced. The people that you love can't.

Maximizing Your Home's Defense with Everyday Items

In the event of a home invasion, being prepared can make all the difference. Here’s how you can turn ordinary household items into effective improvised weapons, ensuring you’re never caught off guard.

Everyday Items as Improvised Weapons

  • Chairs and Other Furniture: Chairs can be used not just for barricading doors but also as shields or battering rams against intruders. A heavy chair can serve as a strong defense tool to push back against an attacker or block an entrance.
  • Heavy Books and Magazines: Thick books or a stack of magazines can be used to fend off attacks. They can be thrown to distract a mugger or used to block strikes, providing you with a momentary advantage.
  • Tools and Hardware: Tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and even heavy wrenches can be formidable weapons. Kept in a garage or toolbox, these items can be quickly accessed in a crisis to fend off an intruder.

Transforming Household Objects into Defense Tools

  • Cooking Pans and Rolling Pins: In the kitchen, heavy pans and rolling pins can become powerful defense tools. A cast iron skillet, for instance, can deliver a disabling blow, buying you time to escape or call for help.
  • Garden Tools: Long-handled garden tools such as rakes, hoes, or even a sturdy branch can keep an attacker at a distance. Their length and sturdiness can help maintain a safe perimeter around you.
  • Sports Equipment: Items like baseball bats, golf clubs, or even heavy-duty yoga mats can be swung with force or used to block an attacker's blows.

By understanding how to use these everyday items as weapons, you can enhance your household’s safety measures. These improvised weapons are not only effective but also serve as a deterrent, making an intruder think twice before proceeding. With a little creativity and presence of mind, you can defend your home and loved ones even without conventional weapons.

Use These Common Household Objects to Save a Life

We know that thinking about the possibility of facing an intruder can be frightening.

That's why it's so important to be as prepared as possible before anything happens.

We hope that this post on how to use common household objects as self-defense weapons not only has you feeling more confident but also means you're rethinking your security plan.

Whether you're a college student, an elder, or a person who lives alone, now is the time to get the right self-defense tools.

Browse through our inventory to get everything you need to stay safe.


your statistic stating that over one million home invasions happen every year is very misleading. Although a burglary that occurs when someone is not home is technically a 'home invasion " It is not the type of home invasion where the homeowner is physically harmed . Our world is already a scary place , why inflate that fear ?

You did not make it. Put a handful of salt In Your fist. Once deployed to the eye. Own the attacker

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