Stun Gun Flashlights

Combo Flashlight & Stun Gun

Stun Gun Flashlight Combos

These illuminating devices all have flashlights built into them so you'll always have light. No more fumbling with the keys to your car or home. You'll be able to light the way on a dark night.

More importantly, you'll have a quality product that you can defend yourself with. These flashlight stun guns all have the shocking capability of stunning your assailant. Gives you the ability to take your attacker off guard and give you time to get away.

Changing a Tire at NightA flat tire at night is never a fun prospect. The danger from other cars itself makes you be extra careful and you want to be visible so other drivers will see you. The flashlight does that for you and also lets you see what you're doing when changing it.

Always be suspicious if someone stops to offer you help! You may feel bad if they end up just being a good Samaritan, but you'd better be prepared if they have other ulterior motives in mind.

Having a stun flashlight in your hand will give you the edge if it comes down to protecting yourself. And the best part is, he won't know you have a self defense device. He'll just think you have a regular light until he makes his move. If and when he does, give him the juice!

Combining utility and personal protection, a stun gun flashlight gives you the ability to illuminate an area and be able to stun someone who is accosting you. With a bright light coming from its end, you can shine the light in an attacker’s eyes to temporarily blind and disorient them while moving in to initiate the powerful stunning effect.

The Flashlight Stun Gun Combo

The combining effect of using a bright light to gain the advantage and the shocking voltage of the stunner allows you to have the upper hand when dealing with someone determined to do you harm. A lot of times, an attack occurs during nighttime hours. As you know, getting a light shined in your eyes eliminates your night vision. This can last for a half an hour. But more immediately, a person can be light blinded for several seconds after having their eyes directly exposed to bright lights.

That’s the time to either run away or initiate a defensive attack with the stun device. By pressing and holding the device against the attacker, you inflict pain and the involuntary contracting of the muscle group where you are holding it. The longer the contact, the more debilitating effect it will have.

However, there is no permanent damage to anyone and there is no chance of the electrical discharge coming back to affect you. Even when you are touching the person or even standing in water, the stun effect is localized to only where you are contacting the other person.

Use as an Everyday Light Source

Because these devices are built into a real flashlight, you can carry one around with you all the time and use it for your normal lighting needs. If you have a job that requires you to have a source of illumination, this meets that need as well as giving you a means to protect yourself if the situation ever arises.

Security guards do their rounds at night and need to have dependable light they can use to do their job. With powerful LEDs, you’ll have a bright light. Why not have something to defend yourself with too?

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A Stun Pen has always been a favorite for the clandestine type. Having an effective means of self defense while not showing off or giving away your defensive secrets is a major plus!
Jolt Stun Gun
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This Jolt stun gun is encased in a striped, protective rubber casing improving its look and durability while increasing your grip on this unique model.
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