Pepper Spray For Women

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Pepper Spray for Women

There are many pepper sprays for women in the marketplace today. Manufacturer's have recently been catering to the ladies by coming out with lady-like colors such as pink. These color choices give more of a style and flair to a key ring or hanging off a purse and encourages more women to actually carry a pepper spray.

As a self defense company, we know that one of the most effective forms of protection is carrying pepper spray. It's effect is immediate and stops an attacker from doing anything else but wishing they could stop the burning.

Pepper Spray for Women

Not only are pretty colors an option, but they also come in different disguised forms as well. The most popular one is the Lipstick Pepper Spray. These come in a variety of colors.

Pepper Spray for Women

Disguised Pepper Spray

Having a disguised pepper spray can be more advantageous in some circumstances as well. An innocuous lipstick tube coming out of a woman’s purse is not going to be seen as a threat. It can casually be retrieved when your intuition tells you something is wrong and be ready to use if you need to. You only get about 5 bursts of spray with this, but that should be plenty to stop an aggressor.

Pink Pepper Spray
Pink Pepper Spray

Another hot item just for women is Mace Brand's newest Hot Pink pepper spray. It is a 10% formula that easily fits in a purse or hanging off a keychain.

The flip-top dispenser makes aiming a no-brainer. When your thumb lifts up the fliptop, it is automatically aimed away from you and ready to spray into your attackers face.

It really only takes one good blast into someone's face to change their tune. As soon as you spray someone, get away! They will not have the use of their eyes anymore so they won't be able to chase you down. Just make sure you get yourself out of arms reach immediately.

Once you have gotten away from the person, you can call for help or just leave the area completely. You can still call the police after you're gone and they can go after him.

He will be the one that can't breathe or see very well and is frantically searching for water. Bottom line on pepper spray for women: Carry One! It is the least expensive option with the highest payoff in terms of getting yourself out of a sticky situation.


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