Hidden Containers for Stashing Your Valuables

Hidden Containers for Stashing Your Valuables

Every year, there are millions of Americans who are the victims of home burglaries. Many of these people end up losing cash, jewelry, and other valuable items due to the burglaries that occur.

Do you want to avoid becoming a statistic by protecting your valuables in the event of a home invasion? You can do it pretty easily by investing in hidden containers that will make it simple to hide things that you don't want to get stolen.

Discover the Art of Concealment with Hidden Money Containers

When it comes to securing your valuables, the key often lies not just in locking them away but in ensuring they remain completely invisible to unauthorized eyes. Our range of clandestine stash containers offers a surreptitious solution for keeping your possessions safe. By effectively obscuring your valuables within everyday items, these secret containers provide a level of security that is both practical and stealthy.

The Benefits of Hidden Stash Containers:

  • Concealed Storage Options: With designs that are meticulously crafted to remain tucked away, each secret container ensures your valuables are invisible to the casual observer. From kitchen items to personal hygiene products, the art of concealment is perfectly executed.
  • Stealthy and Clandestine: Opt for our stash containers to maintain the privacy of your valuables in a clandestine fashion. These items are not only obscured from view but are also designed to appear completely ordinary, making them the perfect covert storage solution for your home.
  • Secure and Private: Each hidden container is designed to offer a private sanctuary for your items. Whether you're hiding away emergency cash, jewelry, or essential documents, our containers ensure they remain secluded and secure from potential threats.

Incorporating these hidden storage solutions into your home security plan adds an extra layer of protection, cleverly disguised within the normalcy of daily objects. Explore our diverse range of stash containers to find the perfect match for your security needs and interior style.

Hidden Containers Help Keep Your Things Secure

There are dozens of hidden containers on the market today that can conceal your possessions and prevent them from being stolen. You can put them right out in plain sight and no one will even think of looking in them for your valuables.

Check out these 15 hidden storage spots you can use to stash your valuables below.

1. Soda Can Safe

Most Americans keep at least one box of soda inside of their homes at all times. So you won't raise any red flags if you have this soda can safe situated inside of your home.

Soda Can Safe

You can unscrew the top of it and place money, jewelry, and other smaller valuables inside of it without raising any suspicions. You can then place it on a kitchen table or inside a kitchen cupboard, and it will go completely undetected if anyone breaks into your home.

Just make sure you let others in your home know about this item. You wouldn't want them to accidentally throw it out because they're unaware of what could be tucked inside of it.

2. Iced Tea Can Safe

Do you need something slightly larger than a soda can to store some of the valuables you keep in your home? This iced tea can safe should definitely do the trick.

Iced Tea Can Safe

It's a little bit bigger stash container than the average can and can safely store everything from a wad of cash to a couple of pieces of jewelry. All you need to do is unscrew the top of the can and you can put whatever you want inside.

Much like the soda can safe, you'll need to be careful about where you put it. You don't want to leave it lying around and have someone accidentally throw it away. But as long as you put it somewhere safe, it'll go undetected if someone ever tries to break into your home and rob you.

3. Ajax Can Safe

You probably have at least one cabinet in your home devoted to cleaning supplies. And if someone was trying to track down your valuables, the cleaning closet is probably one of the last places they would look.

That's what makes this Ajax can safe so effective. You can unscrew the bottom of it and store an expensive watch or a pile of money so that you don't have to worry about anyone stealing it from you.

Cleanser Container Safe

Best of all, it'll blend right in when you throw it into your big pile of cleaning supplies. Who would think to look in an Ajax can for something of value?

4. Book Safe

Do you have a bookshelf filled with books somewhere inside of your home?

If so, you might be tempted to tuck a bunch of money into the pages of one of the books. But the problem with this is that the money will fall out if someone ever starts looking through your books.

Hidden Book Safe

That won't be a concern with this book safe. It has a secret compartment that you can use to hide money and other valuables. It looks and feels just like a book and will keep your possessions out of sight even though the book will be right there when people look at your bookshelf. There is even a locking book safe with key available.

5. Body Spray Safe

Look no further than this body spray safe if you go to the gym a lot and need a place to hide money, keys, or jewelry when you're working out.

To the naked eye, it will look just like a regular old bottle of body spray. But it actually unscrews to reveal a compartment that can be used to keep things safe while you're busy feeling the burn at your gym.

Opened Container Safe

When you throw this body spray bottle into your gym bag or locker, people won't have any idea about what's actually inside of it. It'll protect your items for you and prevent them from getting stolen.

6. Shaving Cream Can Safe

This shaving cream can safe works just like the body spray safe does. When you unscrew it, it opens up and allows you to hide things inside of it.

Shaving Can Safe - Hidden Container

You can take it to the gym with you or put it in your bathroom closet at home so that you can hide just about anything you want. From money to jewelry to USB drives, this can will hold it all.

7. Liquid Wrench Safe

There are some things you might want to hide out in your garage or shed. Maybe you have a spare key for your house or a bunch of money you earned fixing a lawnmower or car.

Whatever the case, this liquid wrench safe is the perfect place to hide a number of items. It looks like an actual bottle of liquid wrench but unscrews from the bottom to provide you with safe storage for your valuables.

Just a word of advice: you might want to throw some grease and grime on this before putting it into your garage or shed. That will prevent it from drawing any unnecessary attention to itself.

8. Wall Clock Safe

People will look at this wall clock safe over and over and over again throughout the course of a day when you hang it in your home or business. It'll look just like any other clock they've ever seen.

But this wall clock is special because it has a safe tucked inside of it. That will allow you to take it down to access the money and other valuables you keep. Just another one of the many hiding places you can use to keep things secure.

9. Flower Pot Safe

Do you like to grow plants and flowers in your home or business? This flower pot safe will help you do it. It functions just like any other flower pot would.

But the one thing that sets it apart from other flower pots is that it has a covert camouflaged hiding spot inside that allows for it to serve as a safe box for many items. You can fill the flower pot with money or jewelry and continue growing plants in it without a care in the world.

You'll know what's tucked inside of it when you look at it. But to everyone else, it'll just look like a plant that you're growing.

10. Stone Safe

Are you still hiding a spare key for your home underneath your welcome mat or under a flower pot next to your front door?

This is a terrible idea! Those are two of the first places people will look if they ever try to break into your home.

Rather than going that route, you should keep your spare key safe by putting it into this stone safe. It'll blend in with all the other stones in your front yard or backyard, giving you easy access to a spare key if you ever need it.

11. Wall Socket Safe

Your home probably has wall sockets every place you look. There are some homes that have dozens and dozens of them scattered throughout the house.

This wall socket safe will blend right in with them. It'll also look so real that you might be tempted to plug something into it.

But it's obviously not an actual wall socket and pulls out to reveal a spot where you can hide things like money and jewelry. You can even put USB drives with important information into the socket.

You'll love how convenient it is to access and how it hides things right in plain sight for you.

12. Salt Safe

Everyone keeps a container of salt in their homes at all times. It's easily one of the most ordinary kitchen supplies in the world.

The salt safe will, therefore, look ordinary and won't catch anyone's eye when they're in your home. But little will they know, it offers plenty of room to hide cash, jewelry, USB drives, and more. The bottom of it screws off and sets you up with a safe place to store things.

Put whatever you want inside the salt safe and stick it in your kitchen cabinet. It'll go completely undetected by everyone but you.

13. Water Bottle Safe

There are about 50 billion water bottles produced every single year. Just about all of them look exactly like this.

Water Bottle as a Hidden Container

What makes this water bottle safe special is that you can unscrew the top and put watches, bracelets, money, and anything else you can think of right inside of it.

Because water bottles have become so common, you'll want to watch where you keep it. You don't want someone to mistakenly throwing away one of your hiding spots..

But as long as you do that, you'll find this water bottle to be very helpful as far as keeping your stuff safe.

14. Hair Spray Safe

This hairspray safe is yet another example of a safe you can keep right in your bathroom or in your gym bag to protect your most prized possessions. No one would ever think to open it to see what's inside, which will keep your things as safe as can be.

15. Beer Can Safe

There's nothing quite like cracking open a cold one at the end of a long day. But before you do, you should use this beer can safe to hide whatever money you made today.

Beer Can Safe

It can also be used to store other valuable items like jewelry. The only thing better than a cold one might just be the satisfaction you'll get from using this safe to protect your possessions.

Purchase One of These Hidden Containers Today

You can keep yourself and your valuables safe at all times by purchasing one or more of the undercover hidden containers you see here.

Whether you buy a wall clock safe to hang in your kitchen or a body spray safe to put in your locker, you'll get the peace of mind that comes along with locking your things up when you have one of these safes shipped to your home.

Read our blog to learn other tips for increasing safety in your home or business.


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