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Another ingenious stash can! This small hidden safe blends in with the rest of your garage or workshop things.

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Another great way to hide valuables...keep this small hidden safe in your garage or workshop and hide it right in plain sight!

This is a real can of lubricating oil that is used to loosen nuts and bolts that are stuck together through rust. Although this does not contain any real product in it, you can be sure that a thief isn't going to think your can of lubricating oil is of any value.

Place those things near and dear to your heart inside and let them sit on the workbench shelf, knowing they won't be stolen.

Lubricant Small Hidden Safe

Liquid Wrench Diversion Safe

Interior Dimensions of Lubricant Safe: 1 3/8" x 4"

Small Concealed Safes

Diversion safes represent an ingenious and practical approach to home security, blending seamlessly into the mundane backdrop of daily life while providing a secure spot for your most precious belongings. The concept is simple yet incredibly effective: take a common household item, such as a can of lubricating oil typically found in garages or workshops, and repurpose it as a stealthy storage unit for valuables. These small hidden safes are specially designed to mimic the appearance and feel of the original product, down to the finest details, but with a twist—the interior is hollowed out to create a compact, hidden compartment for storing items like cash, jewelry, or important documents.

The lubricant diversion safe, specifically modeled after a can of Liquid Wrench, is a prime example of this clever security solution. It looks and feels like a standard can of lubricant, complete with branding and usage instructions, making it indistinguishable from the real product to the untrained eye. However, its true purpose is far from ordinary. With interior dimensions of 1 3/8" x 4", it offers a discreet space for safeguarding small yet valuable items. By placing it among other tools and supplies on your workbench or shelf, it becomes just another item in a cluttered garage or workshop, effectively hiding your valuables in plain sight.

One might wonder about the security of a small safe that seems so easily portable. The effectiveness of diversion safes lies in the psychology of theft. Burglars typically operate under time constraints, targeting homes with the intention of finding and pilfering easily recognizable valuables. They scan for traditional hiding spots—safes, drawers, closets—looking for cash, electronics, and jewelry. The mundane appearance of a diversion safe, such as a can of lubricating oil, doesn't register as a potential treasure trove. To a thief rifling through a home, it's simply another unremarkable object, not worth a second glance. This oversight is what makes diversion safes remarkably secure, despite their small size and the fact that they could be physically picked up and moved. Their very ordinariness shields the treasures hidden within, exploiting a thief's preconceptions and haste to overlook the most obvious of hiding spots.

Thus, a diversion safe provides an additional layer of security for your valuables, complementing more traditional methods of protection. It's a testament to the saying that sometimes, the best place to hide something is in plain sight. Whether you're looking to stash emergency cash, family heirlooms, or sensitive documents, a diversion safe like the Lubricant Diversion Safe offers a simple, yet profoundly effective, means of keeping your valuables out of the wrong hands.

Why is a small home safe secure when I can pick it up?

Thieves are in a hurry.  They generally know what they came for and have an idea of where most people keep valuable things. Creating a small safe out of an ordinary household product, food item, or something that looks like furniture or a cleaning supply is not what the burglar is looking for or is after.

To them, a can of lubricating oil is just that. They don't think it is one of the many hidden safe ideas for home used for small items of value.

That's why they can be placed in plain sight and not be found.

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