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DIY Spy Gear

Top 25 DIY Spy Gear for Spying on a Budget

James Bond has the government budget at his disposal. Batman has Bruce Wayne’s fortune to rely on. But ordinary mortals like us don’t have huge bank accounts to sponsor our love for spy gadgets. Thus, we need to be a bit more resourceful and create our own. But don’t worry, you won’t need a degree in rocket science to make the gadgets below. All it’s...

Bear Spray

Bear Spray Vs. Dogs: How Effective Is It?

If only a can of bear spray stands before you and a live, 7-foot tall bear, then you know there’s a good chance you'll come out of the woods alive. Bear sprays can be effective deterrents against bear attacks and are recommended by many survival experts. They are also non-lethal self-defense tools so they can be used safely against bears without...

Groin Kick Self Defense

Make the Groin Kick an Effective Self Defense Tactic

In self defense, the groin kick is considered as one of the most effective means of fighting off a man and rendering him helpless. Although the effect is generally temporary, it can buy you enough time to escape or even disarm your attacker. But is it really that effective as a self defense tactic ? Here are some things you ought to know about the groin...

How to Prevent Kidnapping

Tips on How to Prevent Kidnapping and Protect Yourself

Kidnapping is a very real threat, wherever you may be in the world or whatever city you may live in. It's not just a problem in third world or politically unstable countries. Each year, tens of thousands of adults and children go missing due to kidnapping, the reason for which may not always be related to money. To protect yourself and your family, here...

Self Defense Weapons for the Elderly

Self Defense Weapons for Seniors

Many criminals like to target the elderly because they are viewed as weaker and more vulnerable. Well, it’s time to break the stereotype! Many seniors are taking charge of their own safety and security; no longer content with relying on external help for protection. Here are a few self defense weapons for seniors that are perfect for our revered...

Stay Safe from Sexual Assault

50 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Sexual Assault

In these frightening days and times, with the US having the highest rate of rape , everyone can be a victim of anyone else’s desperation. You, as a woman, need to take care of yourself. Your car can be stolen, your house can be broken into, your apartment can be burned down, and you, yourself, can be the victim. Protect yourself from sexual assault!...

Use a Taser

6 Safe Ways to Use a Taser

A TASER device or stun gun can be a very powerful and effective self defense weapon if used properly. It can temporarily disable an attacker without causing permanent bodily harm. You can put a person on the ground and keep them there until help arrives or you run out of battery power. Here are safe ways to use a TASER weapon in case of an emergency:...

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