6 Safe Ways to Use a Taser

Use a Taser

A TASER device or stun gun can be a very powerful and effective self defense weapon if used properly. It can temporarily disable an attacker without causing permanent bodily harm. You can put a person on the ground and keep them there until help arrives or you run out of battery power. Here are safe ways to use a TASER weapon in case of an emergency:

use a taser

1. Learn how to wield the weapon

It might look like some prop used in a Star Trek movie set, but the TASER device is a real weapon. In fact, it is used by many law enforcement officers to control unruly criminals.

If you want to use the TASER device safely, know what it is and how it works. Find out what its stopping power is and any safety features. It comes with a user’s manual so use that as a reference.

2. Know the maximum shooting distance

A TASER device will only work if the needles or prongs come in contact and stick to the attacker. Civilian TASER weapons can work for up to 15 feet. However, safety experts say that the user should fire at an ideal distance of 7 feet. This distance gives a good spread between the needles when they actually hit the target. Also, the farther away the target is, the more difficult it will be for the user to hit it.

Use a Taser for Self Defense

3. Make a spark test

Prior to taking your TASER device with you, conduct a simple spark test. This will determine whether the gun is in working condition or not. To do so, remove the cartridge and pull or press the activation button. You will see and hear the sparks at the tip of the device.

4. Double Duty

Coincidentally, if you do fire your TASER device and miss the subject, or you have another attacker, you can use the TASER device as a direct contact stun gun by pressing the end of the TASER device into the body of the person. This will have the same effect as long as you maintain contact with it.

5. Know where to aim

The best part of the body to aim at is the torso or any area from the hips to the lower part of the neck. This is where the effect of the TASER device will be experienced in full. The laser that is integrated in the device will tell you exactly where you’re aiming so use it and pull the trigger when the red dot is on their body.

6. Make sure it’s legal

As a final tip to use a TASER device safely, make sure that it’s legal to carry and use in the state or city where you are. Not all states allow for this defensive device to be used.

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