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Why Should You Carry a Pepper Spray?

This is my story about carrying my pepper spray. I am Jennifer, co-owner of TBO-TECH, and I cannot stress enough the importance of having something to protect yourself at all times. You should at the very least carry a pepper spray, especially being a woman.

Pink Pepper Spray

I carry a pepper spray on my keychain. Thankfully, I have never had to use it on someone, but have come close! For some reason, strange people approach me ALL THE TIME. So, I practically glue my pepper spray to my hand when I am out by myself.

I have been approached by men and women, who almost always ask for money. I have heard ALL the reasons why they need just a few dollars, but I am very reluctant...I worry I am contributing to their drug or alcohol habit.

One cold night in winter, I was walking back to my car from a store (buying Christmas presents), and a man walked up to me and asked if he could have ten dollars. I was in between my vehicle and the one next to me. I was driving an Avalanche, which was much taller than me of course, so I was blocked from everyone's view. He was at the back end of the truck, moving closer towards me. I started to walk towards the front so that at least there was a clearer view of me should something happen!

Keep your pepper spray with you!

I had told the strange man that I did not have any cash on me, but he started to strongly plead. He actually told me he had just gotten out of jail and needed the money so he could get a haircut to apply for a job. I repeated again that I did not have cash, but I did have pepper spray and could he please leave me alone. That was all that I needed to say because he immediately walked away.

I waited a good few minutes before getting in my truck, making sure he was far enough away.

Even though I was not physically hurt, thankfully, my heart was racing, and my adrenaline was pumping. The thought of what could have happened is enough to cause some emotional stress...I just was thankful to have my pepper spray!