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One of our most popular defense sprays... Mace Triple Action combines the Maximum Strength Formula of OC Pepper and Invisible UV Marking Dye with the added power of CN Tear Gas.


No Sales to Massachusetts or New York.

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The advantage of triple action Mace Spray is that you don't necessarily have to spray your attacker directly in the face, even if you miss and hit them in the chest, the tear gas will immediately start to affect them. 

Compact design fits comfortably in man or woman's hand. The Finger-grip dispenser correctly orients the unit even in the dark.

This pocket mace is a triple protection formula designed to give you the extra edge in a confrontation. By having both CS and OC, you have double the chance of disabling your attacker. The combined effects of such a spray are not easily overcome and will allow you to escape away to get yourself to safety.

 Pepper Spray Mace

The OC Pepper - Designed to cause an assailant's eyes to slam shut, while causing uncontrollable choking.

Tear Gas - This causes an intense burning of the face and profuse tearing of the eyes and disorientation.

UV Dye - Coats an assailant with an invisible dye that may help identify the assailant when apprehended by the police.

Triple Action Mace Spray

Triple Action Pocket Pepper Spray

This Mace Spray model features the original Flip & Grip design for safe and fumble-free defense. The flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharge, while the finger grip dispenser makes it easy to aim. Additionally, it's compact size and key chain make it ideal to keep with your keys or quickly tuck into a pocket or purse before going out. 

Mace’s most powerful spray

  • A potent combination of pepper spray, tear gas and UV marking dye
  • 10-12 ft range
  • Includes a keychain
  • Made in the USA

You can safely DEFEND YOURSELF in a threatening situation with the extreme power of Triple Action Mace… 10% OC Pepper, invisible UV marking dye that can help police identify your attacker, and CN Tear Gas. Just spray and get away! 

Some states have restrictions on Pepper Sprays. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

Mace Spray – The Best Defense

We live in a world where self defense is a necessity, and sometimes it can be difficult to 'fight back' when confronted with a dangerous situation. It could be a kidnapper, an abuser, or simply a mugger. No matter what the situation happens to be, it is going to come when you least expect it, and you need to be ready for whatever comes your way. Most people prefer not to exhibit deadly force in the face of danger but being able to disable your attacker with minimal effort can come in handy and save your life. This is where mace pocket pepper spray enters the equation.

What is Mace Spray?

Mace and pepper spray are one and the same, both comprising an aerosol spray that contains oils from cayenne pepper. While this solution is not deadly it can be extremely disabling as it is an irritant to the eyes as well as the respiratory passages. Most individuals have no natural defense against this type of assault, which ensures that any attack you undergo will be stopped short. Not only is this an effective means of self-defense, it is one that normally falls well within the parameters of the law as far as weapons are concerned.

Finding the Best Mace Spray

Just like any other product, pepper spray is not a 'one size fits all' product. Some products work better than others, obviously, so take the following into account when you are in the market for a pepper spray canister:

  • Size: The size of the canister matters, and it all depends on what you are comfortable with.
  • Ease of Use: Pepper spray is meant to be used in emergency situations, meaning you must be ready and able to pull it out and discharge it at a moment’s notice. Find a canister with an easy to use trigger and one that can be re-used.
  • Safety: A pepper spray canister needs to be able to fire tightly in one direction, but you may also choose one that has a wider dispersal pattern. Either way, you want to make sure that you experience minimal blowback and that you are able to walk away unaffected by the spray.
  • Reliability: You can’t keep test-firing your pepper spray once you buy it, so make sure that you are purchasing a reliable brand that has a history of successful products. (Mace brand test fires all of their sprays before they are packaged.) In addition to that, make sure that any pepper spray you purchase can be reused.

Keeping yourself safe is important; when you are purchasing mace spray, always check to see how many times the canister can be sprayed, what the storage conditions are, and how readily you can deploy it in the event you are attacked. Pepper spray or a can of mace become your lifeline.

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