Small Ones

They may be tiny but don't underestimate the power these small stun guns have. Big things come in small packages. It's a real benefit being able to hide your defense until you need to use it. 

These small stun guns are very concealable and can fit in a pocket, purse, or even on your side. Their small size makes them look innocuous and people won't think twice about them. In fact, they probably think they're just another electronic device such as a phone or some MP3 player.

There are plenty of times where a small stun gun could come in handy. People are concerned with size when they want to be able to have a piece of protection but not advertise it. Even with these smaller sized units, the surprise your attacker will feel when pumped with high amounts of static voltage will overwhelm them.

Just because the package is tiny doesn't mean it's not effective. Some of the highest powered devices now come in tiny packages. The micro electronics in them have been seriously reduced compared to even just a few years ago. Check our stun gun tips.

Stun Devices can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, or Connecticut.

*The voltages stated on the stun guns are claims made by the manufacturers of the stun devices and do not necessarily represent actual “real life” voltages produced by the stepping up of the power source through the use of the internal transformers.