High Voltage

Of the best sellers, the ones with the most volts top the list. The stronger it is, the more effective and quicker the effect is. Even with these higher powered devices, you are still only delivering a low amp charge (generally between 3-5 milliamps). Since the amps are so low, there is no permanent harm inflicted upon the attacker.

High Voltage Stun GunsHowever, because the voltage is high, they receive a devastating shock that takes over the muscle group they are touched at. Once this happens, it's all over for them. The longer you keep the stun gun in contact, the more energy is pumped into them overwhelming their ability to function normally.

High Voltage Stun Gun

They'll still have a full recovery later, but you'll be able to get away from them and get some help.

These Beasts have the penetrating power to go through thick clothing and deliver a devastating electrical shock to your assailant - giving you precious time to get away.

All of these high voltage stun guns give you every advantage in facing off against an attacker. The higher the volts, the quicker the full effect, and the sooner you get away.

Stun Devices can not be shipped to Hawaii, Michigan, Rhode Island, or Connecticut.

*The voltages stated on the stun guns are claims made by the manufacturers of the stun devices and do not necessarily represent actual “real life” voltages produced by the stepping up of the power source through the use of the internal transformers.