Which is the Best Personal Alarm for the Elderly?

Carrying a Personal Alarm

Millions of American's are victims of crime every year, whether it is theft, assault, burglary, sexual violence, or even murder. When it comes to keeping yourself safe, your first thought probably isn't a personal alarm.

The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear personal alarms are those Life Alert commercials. You know, the ones with the elderly ladies on the floor saying "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

However having something like a personal or panic alarm could potentially save you from theft, or ultimately even your life.

Panic Button for Elderly

Being alone when you are older can make you feel vulnerable. You become targets for theft and also, small accidents around the home. But you don't need to be afraid, and you don't need to give up our independence.

You can calm your concerns and fears, and those of your loved ones by getting your own personal panic button for older adults. There are many different types and models available that can suit everyone's needs.

Personal alarms aren't just for the elderly either, anyone is at risk of being the victim of an assailant, and one thing assailants hate is unwanted attention.

These personal alarms are compact, light, and very effective in the home and out. They can alert someone that you need assistance and frighten off an attacker. Here we will look at the different types of panic buttons available.

Read on to find out more about how carrying a personal alarm can save your life!

So What Exactly is a Personal Alarm?

Remember what I said about Life Alert? This is just one example of a personal alarm that is geared towards the elderly community that lives on their own and needs to be able to contact help in the case of an accident.

Now what I'm talking about here is very similar, but differs in a few ways.

When you "fall and can't get up" with a Life Alert, a medical alert system, you simply press the alarm button and it warns a fleet of monitors who can contact the local authorities or a caregiver to come to your aid. Pretty much like using a mobile phone to call 911.

The kind of personal alarms that I'm talking about emit a loud sound in the case that someone is trying to take something from you or hurt you in any way so that you can bring attention to your situation and get the help you need (or at least scare the perpetrator away).

Panic Buttons

A panic button or alarm is an electronic device, used to alert people when an individual is in need of assistance. Some of these alarms are connected to a monitoring center that will then alert emergency personnel to further assist.

Senior Alarm

There may be a high-pitched or very loud alarm that goes off, meant to scare off an attacker or would-be thief. There is also a kind that has no sound but sends a signal directly to the police or ambulance services.

Most are very compact and can be worn or carried on the person or in a handbag or pocket. There are some for security alerts on premises, like an apartment or community living center, and some are for medical emergencies. You can program them for your own personal needs.

A Panic Button for Elderly Folks

Technology has come a long way to enhancing our lives and panic buttons, thankfully, benefit here, as well. They are perfect for in the home and to wear and most don't look like alarms if they are visible at all.


There are many types of emergency buttons available for in the home use, along with other types of security features. Some are great for home and portable to take with you.

Motion Activated

There are several types of alarm and alert systems for use in the home. These are motion-activated and will let you know if someone is entering. They may emit a loud noise to frighten them off and alert the neighbors, or others in the house.

One type simply hangs over your door handle, for the outside door, your bedroom door or any other door you feel may be vulnerable. These are small and portable and can be carried on the person, in your hand, or pocket and is activated by pulling the small chain.

Window alarms are a great and inexpensive personal alarm system. Placed in the window, they are controlled by an activation key, to reset the alarm each time it goes off.

Alarm and Light

There are also personal alarm units available that emit a loud noise and set off a flashing light. These are great for personal use and for you in the home.

Distress Alarm

Attach it to the door or window, to alert you when there is unwanted activity. The alarm sends out a loud noise to scare the intruder and get your attention, but the flashing light will double down on the scare factor and send the thief running.

You can also attach it to your suitcase, laptop, or other items you have that you may not be able to watch all the time. The alarm with the light will keep that item where it belongs.

Dog Alarm

There is a very clever device you can easily install that will sound like an enormous dog barking, ready to attack. Also with motion sensors, the barking increases as the burglar get closer.

It is perfect for those who may have mobility issues and live in unsafe areas. The barking alarm can be set and reset by remote.

Portable Panic Buttons

There are many small, portable types of alarms and panic buttons for elderly people that are very effective and can give you peace of mind.

Panic Alarm with Flashlight

Many are versatile enough to wear on a chain around your neck, carry in your purse or pocket or carry in your hand.

One that is very useful is a flashlight with an alarm. The flashlight is small and compact to take with you or leave beside your bed, within easy reach. The alarm is controlled with a removable pin, so you will not accidentally set it off while using the flashlight.

It has a small wrist strap for added security to keep it handy and not drop it.

Why Do I Need a Personal Alarm?

Unfortunately, in this day and age, crime is an all too common occurrence.  

321,500 people are victims of sexual assault on average each year in the United States. 1 in 3 women report having experienced violence in their lifetime, whether physical, sexual or both.

On top of that, over 3.4 million people are victims of stalking every year, and 1 in 5 of those cases involve threatening or use of a weapon.

A lot of people don't want to carry lethal or deadly weapons, which leaves them unprotected in the case of an incident. That's where personal alarms come in.

If you're walking down the street alone on your way home from school or work, there is a reasonable risk of becoming a victim of violent crime. If you had a personal alarm, you could potentially save your own life without having to harm someone else in the process.

These alarms can mean the difference between keeping yourself out of harm's way and a potentially horrifying event.

What Kinds of Personal Alarms Are Available?

Personal alarms come in all shapes and sizes, in order to fit the needs of each individual person who needs one. 

If you are a woman looking for a compact and discreet alarm, there are some great options for that, like a lipstick personal alarm. It looks exactly like a regular lipstick tube, but when you pull off the cap, the alarm blares at 130 decibels, which can be heard from over 300 feet away.

That is sure to scare away any assailant that's bothering you! 

There are key chain alarms, aerosol alarms, and much more available on the market. Whatever is going to work the best for you, is going to be available online.

Other Personal Safety Devices

You can also find many other forms of self-defense items to protect yourself if you are not wanting to carry a knife or a gun.

Some other great ideas for senior's protection are also compact and easy to use. They are also inexpensive ways to keep safe. You can find these items on this website.

Here are a few other kinds of personal safety devices:

  • Stun Guns- These are extremely useful and come in all different shapes and sizes. If you don't want a stun gun, there are stun pens, stun rings, and even stun batons.
  • Pepper Spray- This can seem like an obvious one, but it isn't always on the tops of people's heads. These also come in many different forms from single one-shots, to pepper spray pens!
  • Kubatons- Kubatons are small handheld pen-like defense weapons with a pointed but blunt end that is used to hit pressure points. These come disguised as pens and even key chains.
  • Whistles- A whistle kept close can alert someone in a hurry when you need assistance.
  • Door Stoppers- These are great for stopping the door from being opened. Stops thieves, at least long enough for you to call the authorities.
  • Hidden camera- These are a good idea to have in place when you are away. They record everything that happens, often called the Nanny Cam.

There are many different ways that people can defend themselves in the case of an attack. It is important to be prepared in order to avoid becoming a victim. 

Simply having one of these safety devices can make the difference that could save your life. 

You can also find some great kits to get multiple methods of defense at once. If you are a college student, being alone for the first time can be intimidating, luckily there are college kits out there specifically designed for both male and female college students.

They include things like discrete pepper sprays, booklets with information on self-defense, and a personal alarm. 

This can make you feel a bit safer when walking home from an outing, or a night class far from your dorm. A lot of crime happens on college campuses, so having that extra protection can make a huge difference even just making you feel safer. 

Make a Plan

Crime happens every single day. That is something that we cannot change. But what we can change, is how many victims of crime are able to defend and potentially save their own lives. 

Make a plan of action in the case of an attack, let friends and family know where you are or when you are in a potentially dangerous situation.

Try to walk places at night with a friend that you trust, and keep some sort of safety device on you at all times. 

Be aware of what goes on around you, try and notice when things are different than they usually are. This can keep you aware of when you could potentially be in danger. 

Remember that the world can be a dangerous place, but you don't have to be a victim! Get yourself a form of protection and keep yourself safe. 

Buyer's Guide

A few things to keep in mind when looking for a panic button for elderly people. You want to make sure you find something that will be convenient for you to use. Look for easy access buttons you are able to push and reset easily if you have arthritis or stiff hands and fingers.

Personal Alarm for Seniors

You need to be able to access the device to activate it and reset it if it goes off. If you have trouble hearing, make sure you find a device loud enough so you can hear it from the other room.

We are here and happy to help you find the perfect panic button for elderly folks that will give you peace of mind and keep you safe. Contact us with any questions or concerns about any of our products and we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for. You can also find any safety device to fit your personal needs on our product page!


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