Senior Self Defense Weapons

Self Defense Weapons for the Elderly

Many criminals like to target the elderly because they are viewed as weaker and more vulnerable. Well, it’s time to break the stereotype!

Many seniors are taking charge of their own safety and security; no longer content with relying on external help for protection. Here are a few self defense weapons for seniors that are perfect for our revered elderly.

Best Self Defense Weapons for Senior Citizens

The cane, pepper spray, and the TASER weapon are all good options for protecting one’s self against would be bad guys.


Senior citizens who use canes don’t realize that they have a very effective self defense weapon right in the palm of their hand. A cane, usually made with wood or some other lightweight material, can be used to parry an attack or to go on the offensive.

Although a cane can be used to make multiple blows or thrusts, certain situations may allow a person only one strike. When using a cane, it’s important to hit your attacker where it will hurt them most. Hitting someone and failing to overcome them will only anger them and expose you to more danger.

Another option in this vein is the stun cane. This device is electrified near the tip and can be used to give a powerful jolt of electricity. It’s rechargeable and can be used for months without having to recharge.

Stun Cane for the Elderly

Pepper spray

A can of mace can be a convenient weapon for the elderly. It’s lightweight, easy to carry and use and can be very effective. It only works within a short range, however, so it’s important to aim well.

Pepper Spray for Seniors

If you aren’t careful, pepper sprays can affect not just your attacker, but you as well. Spray in the direction of the wind or if that’s not possible, directly in the eyes or mouth of your attacker.

TASER Weapon

A TASER device is a very powerful weapon for seniors. It’s a handheld device, quite lightweight and is battery-operated. These devices are the premier choice because of their immediate effectiveness. Tasing someone instantly overwhelms the body’s neurological impulses that control muscle movement. A person being tased immediately tenses all their muscles and is unable to move any of them.

Self Defense Weapons for the Elderly

One drawback of this option is that it is expensive compared to other self-defense products. Costing about $450, it can be out of reach for those on a fixed income.

Self Defense for Seniors

If you’re looking for something to give to an elderly loved one, any of the products listed above would be welcome. Self defense for seniors is a topic that's relevant for all of us who have aging parents or other loved ones.

Be sure to help them protect themselves by introducing these types of protection devices and to have meaningful conversations on what they can do to help themselves.


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