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Blow Gun

Blow Gun

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Precision Made Blow Dart Guns

Many people are finding that blowguns offer a challenging (though easily mastered) and fun sport. With the introduction of paint balls and stun darts, they offer a wide variety of excitement.

Darts - You can buy these in packs of 100 or 250These are .40 caliber in size and made of high tensile aluminum. They are the real deal and produce amazing velocity. You can expect ranges over 200 feet and muzzle velocities as high as 350 feet per second.

blow gun

Each blowgun comes with 8 target darts, mouthpiece, muzzle guard, foam grip and a dart quiver to carry ammo on the tube.

Warning: Will cause extreme fun at backyard BBQ's!

Shoots these accessories: target darts, stun darts and paintballs.

The longer the blow tube, the further and faster it will go!

Excellent for camping. An activity the whole family will love!

These could be used for hunting in a survival situation. An 18 inch model fits nicely on the top, bottom or side of your pack.

As a backyard activity, this is loads of fun and easy to master! The whole family can enjoy and your kids will learn a valuable skill in both aiming and judging the strength of their breath to hit the target accurately. Makes a fun competition.

Over 40,000 years ago, the first tube shooters began to appear in many different parts of the world. Although crude, these primitive weapons were extremely accurate.

They are still used today for hunting by Amazonian Indians in South America, and by Pygmies in Africa. They were also used by the Ninja prior to 1500 in Japan for silent assassination with poison darts.

It is not known exactly where blow guns originated, however, it is generally believed that they appeared simultaneously in many parts of the world. Back then, they were made from bamboo or other hollowed out woods.

Stun Darts

Today's modern man uses one with tranquilizer darts to help maintain today's wildlife. Herpetologists find them extremely useful in capturing elusive lizards with stun darts.

It was awesome i hunted many birds with it
Very easy to deal with, even thru an exchange. Very fast shipping, good product. A+
This blowgun is fantastic. Bought it for a friend for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. I got the 18 inch, and I thought it would look cheap since it's only $8.95. I thought wrong. Great quality, and the darts are extremely sharp.
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