Steel Ninja Star

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No product is more closely linked to the Ninja than the shuriken or throwing star. These hallmarks of the most mysterious warriors of Japan are now infamous.

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Are you interested in the ancient art of Martial Arts? Are you currently attending a Martial Arts school? Many Martial Arts schools teach their students the art of throwing weapons. Our steel Ninja star is perfect those who are learning the ancient art of throwing weapons like throwing stars or Shuriken. Our steel Ninja star comes with a full warranty and a 90-day free return policy. With affordable pricing and shipping across the United States, you can't go wrong.

Steel Shuriken

Steel Ninja Shuriken

  • Stainless steel ninja star
  • 4" in diameter
  • Comes with carrying pouch

Whether you are a master with throwing weapons or are a student, our steel Ninja star is the answer. Our four-inch throwing stars are manufactured with high-quality steel.

Throwing weapons have been one of the primary weapons used for centuries around the globe. The most notably ancient society to use throwing weapons was Japan. Today, steel Ninja stars are used in Martial Arts across the world.

With our steel Ninja star, you can practice the art of throwing weapons used by Japanese Samurais. Many people think mastering throwing weapons is easy; however, you must have a properly balanced, correctly sized steel Ninja star if you are going to be successful.

Pick up some of our steel Ninja stars and be like a mysterious Japanese warrior. The market for throwing stars is thriving, which means there are numerous online vendors offering inferior throwing stars. You can rest assured that the steel Ninja throwing star that we offer is top quality and manufactured for discriminating shoppers like you.

Say goodbye to inferior throwing stars and hello to a perfectly balanced and steel Ninja star. The Ninja star comes with its own carrying pouch to ensure your weapon is safe and secure. Order our steel Ninja star today and see the difference a quality Shuriken can make!

Metal Ninja Stars

Metal ninja stars, also known as shuriken, hold a fascinating place in both historical martial arts and modern weaponry collections. Crafted from various metals such as steel or iron, these stars are not only revered for their sleek, aerodynamic design but also for their versatility as a tool of distraction, defense, and precision throwing.

Traditionally used by the ninja of feudal Japan, metal ninja stars come in several shapes, including the well-known four-pointed design and the more intricate multi-pointed versions. Each point is meticulously sharpened to ensure optimal penetration and aerodynamic balance, allowing for a stable and accurate flight path when thrown.

In contemporary times, metal ninja stars have transcended their ancient roots to become a popular item among martial arts enthusiasts, collectors, and those interested in the art of throwing. Their enduring appeal lies in the blend of historical significance, craftsmanship, and the skillful challenge they present to those who wish to master their use.

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