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6 inch Ninja Spikes with Nylon Sheath. Pointed on one end. All 5 spikes fit securely into the nylon sheath with adjustable straps for ankle or forearm fastening. Nylon sheath included.

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Ninja Throwing Spikes – Precision and Power

Discover the art of precision with our Ninja Throwing Spikes Set. Designed for martial arts enthusiasts and seasoned warriors alike, these spikes, also known as bo shuriken, are perfect for honing your throwing skills.

Throwing Spikes with Armband

Key Features:

  • Material: Hardened 3Cr13 stainless steel for durability.
  • Design: One pointed end and one blunt end, ensuring optimal balance.
  • Set: Includes five 6-inch spikes for a comprehensive throwing experience.
  • Sheath: Comes with a durable nylon pouch for secure carrying.

Benefits of Ninja Throwing Spikes

Our Ninja Throwing Spikes are crafted from high-quality steel, ensuring they withstand repeated use. The pointed end ensures deep penetration into targets, while the blunt end provides stability during the throw. These spikes are lightweight, making them easy to hold and throw accurately.

Ideal for Martial Arts Practice

Whether you're a budding martial artist or a seasoned warrior, this set will provide hours of fun and practice. Compete with friends to see who has the best aim and can stick their spikes into the target most accurately. Perfect your throwing technique with these balanced and durable spikes.

Practical Applications

  • Training: Perfect for martial arts practice and improving throwing accuracy.
  • Competition: Great for friendly competitions to test your skills.
  • Defense: Can be used as a tactical tool for self-defense.

Why Choose Our Throwing Spikes

Our throwing spikes are designed with the martial artist in mind. The durable construction and precise balance make them a reliable tool for both practice and performance. The included nylon sheath allows for easy carrying, ensuring your spikes are always within reach.

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Enhance Your Throwing Skills

Equip yourself with our high-quality Ninja Throwing Spikes to enhance your martial arts practice. Whether for personal training, friendly competition, or tactical defense, these spikes offer a practical and effective solution. Order your Ninja Throwing Spikes Set today and experience the precision and power of these ancient weapons.


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The only problem I have with this product is the pouch they are carried in would barely fit on a child arm or leg to conceal. the straps are way too short for an adult to wear and conceal. I'll need to bring it to a shoe repair or dry cleaners that does alterations to extend them to fit around my arm or leg. The spikes are fine and could be used like a kubotan also.
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