100 Blowgun Target Darts

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Sharpened wire darts with .40 cal endcaps. There is a 100 count in this pack of blow gun target darts. Plenty of ammunition to get in some good targeting practice.

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Sharpened wire darts with .40 cal endcaps. There is a 100 count in this pack of blow gun target darts. Plenty of ammunition to get in some good targeting practice. Each one is about 4 inches long.

These are thin wired steel shafts that fly straight. If you're shooting at an aluminum can, these things will go through both sides all the way up to the cone shaft. You can spend hours of fun with your blowgun and these wire darts and you won't have to get up that often to retrieve your ammo. They are also very sharp and will go through or stick into just about anything.

Blowgun Darts are Great for Target Practice!

Blowgun Darts

You get some of these when you purchase a blowgun, but that's not nearly enough for having fun with. I like to set up multiple targets at varying distances and see how many times I can hit. Of course, it's much more fun when you are up against someone and can kick their butt in a face off.

Family Fun? Oh yeah, even those who don't like to get up off their duff can have fun because they are shooting from one spot. Must be an awesomeness or coolness factor, but everyone will take a whirl at shooting these.

Of course, you need to have proper supervision if you are letting your kids take a turn. But this is great for helping develop hand-eye coordination and it gets them outdoors and away from the TV. Kids like the excitement of playing their games and this is a "real" game with real "bullets".

Every kid I've shown this to loves it and doesn't want to put it down. When you have family over and need a cheap thing to do and lasts for hours on end, these blowgun darts are the way to go.

More ideas are camping, BBQs, RVing, and even for small game hunting (where allowed).

Blowgun Target Practice

Target practice with a blow gun is easy to set up. With these kinds of darts, you can set up a foam target by taping an old piece of foam to a board and then propping it up so the face of it is towards you.

If you have a hammer, some nails, and few pieces of 2x4, you can make it into a stand that sits a bit higher. Either way makes it easy to move around and place in different locations and distances.

To start getting accurate with your blow gun, set your target out about 5-10 yards and practice your shooting technique. Hold the blowgun the same way every time you shoot and try to keep the same sight picture each time as well. This keeps you consistent.

From then, you are just going to have to practice shooting at the target until you start to become accurate consistently. It doesn't take long before you can hit what you want every single time. Once you can hit almost every time, move it out another 10 yards and start over getting your accuracy down.

I was able to become an expert with this weapon in one afternoon, able to hit the target at various distances every single time. Must have been one of the benefits of this weapon to the aboriginal tribes: easy to use and very simple to be an accurate shooter.

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