Ninja Throwing Stars

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Looking for a set of throwing stars that combine functionality with style? Check out our set of three ninja stars for sale, each featuring a unique ninja image on the face of the star.

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Introducing our Perfect Point Ninja Stars for sale - the ideal throwing stars for target practice! These 3-inch diameter throwing stars feature stainless steel blades with a sleek black design, ensuring maximum grip and precision accuracy. The 4-pointed design is a classic and versatile option for both beginner and advanced throwers alike.

At 3mm thick, these ninja stars are built to last and withstand frequent use. Each star is perfectly balanced for optimal performance and features a razor-sharp edge to easily penetrate targets.

These ninja stars come in a set of 3, making them perfect for practicing your aim and improving your throwing technique. Each set includes a nylon sheath for safe and easy storage and transport.

Whether you're a seasoned ninja warrior or just starting out, these Perfect Point Ninja Stars are an excellent choice for backyard action and honing your throwing skills. Order your set today and start mastering the art of the ninja!

These 3-inch Perfect Point Ninja Stars for sale are perfect for target practice. Featuring stainless steel blades with a Black design, these perfectly balanced ninja stars ensure maximum grip and precision accuracy. Excellent backyard action.

Ninja Throwing Star Set

Ninja Star for Throwing

  • 4 POINTS

Ninja Stars for Sale

These ninja stars are made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The black design adds a sleek and intimidating look to each throwing star, making them perfect for both display and practical use.

With their 4-pointed design and 3-inch diameter, these ninja stars are well-balanced and easy to throw accurately. Plus, the unique ninja image on each star adds a personal touch and makes them stand out from other standard throwing stars.

Whether you're practicing your throwing skills or adding to your ninja collectibles, these throwing stars are an excellent choice. Each set comes with a nylon sheath for safe and convenient storage and transport.

Order your set of three ninja stars with ninja images today and add a touch of style to your throwing game!

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