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Keeping Valuables Secure

Properly securing valuables from destruction and theft is an issue that is important to everyone.

Family heirlooms, prized collectibles, jewelry and important documents are among the many types of valuables we hold dear and seek to protect.

Home Safes

For centuries, wealthier homeowners have installed safes in their homes for safekeeping of documents and valuables.

Previously considered to be the terrain of the rich and famous, the home safe has undergone a transformation in recent years with the design of diversion safes.

Rather than having a heavy and bulky traditional safe sitting in a home office or bedroom closet, these diversion safes offer a budget-friendly approach to securing valuables by hiding them "in plain sight".

Diversion Safes

Diversion safes come in many shapes, and sizes, with remarkably innovative designs that delight the imagination.

On the smaller side of the market, these safes take on the appearance of normal household objects but, in reality, have actually been hollowed out to provide room for jewelry, a money stash, or small collectibles.

Diversion SafesWho would expect that an ordinary can of shaving cream that is stashed in the medicine cabinet would actually hold family jewelry or collectible coins?

A thief looking for a quick strike would certainly overlook it in his frenzied search for valuables.

Similarly, a canister of detergent or hair care product kept under the bathroom vanity looks quite innocuous, leading few to suspect that important items might be hiding inside.

A stack of books on a bookshelf is of little interest to most burglars, so using a book safe to hold currency, precious pictures and other valuables is a very clever subterfuge.

Realistic mock-ups of soda cans and canned goods in the pantry, along with oil cans in the garage, are all different examples of this highly successful approach to security.

Other Hidden Safes

In addition to the re-creation of traditional household objects for safekeeping valuables, diversion safes have been designed to resemble distasteful and gross objects that most people would not ever consider touching.

You may have seen versions of the clay mold which has been designed to look like dog excrement or vomit, but actually holds a door key or other small trinket for the homeowner. These forms have become so lifelike that few people really want to dig around to determine if they are real or fake.

As these smaller diversion safes have caught on with consumers, the market has evolved further to provide larger variations as well.

Manufactured Decoy Safes

Some specialty manufacturers have designed and created decoy safes that resemble small refrigerators, large wall clocks, fire extinguishers, and medicine cabinets with hidden back wall compartments.

Other innovations include false walls, decorative statues with hidden compartments or computer tower shells with hollow innards that are used to host objects that are precious to the owner.

Whether your preference is for storage of items large or small, there is sure to be a diversion safe on the market that will fit your needs.

The most difficult thing facing you may actually be the limitation of your own memory! You do have to remember which items in your pantry and garage are truly real and which are successfully concealing your valuables from unwanted prying eyes. Go look at our selection of these hidden safes.

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