Hidden Safes

Remember those old movies you watched when you were growing up and how many times you saw those hollow book safes? Man, it seems like they were seen in so many thrillers and mysteries back then. I wanted one so bad when I was a kid but had no clue where I'd find disguised diversion safes. This was WAY before the Internet, of course, back when the library card catalog was Google.

Disguised Diversion Safes

Perhaps not surprisingly, I later learned there was an actual term for these types of hidden security solutions – diversion safes. These are, quite simply, safes that are disguised as something else.


They come in a wide range of options, from cans of beer and soda to household cleansers, clocks, and yes, even hollow books. The idea behind a diversion safe is that you can hide your goodies sort of in plain view, providing easy access to them as necessary.

The best ones will not only look identical to their real-life counterparts, but they'll also feel normal as well, such as having the same weight.

A possible downside to using hidden safes is if you have other people in your home. You’ll need to clue them in that the can of shaving foam at the back of the linen closet isn’t suitable for use in the shower.

What to Store

As for what to store in one of these, you are really only limited by the space constraints of the safe itself. Obviously, you aren’t going to be able to squirrel away a loaded handgun and extra ammo in a can of hairspray. But, these safes work great for things like coins, paper money, ammo, and other small valuables.

While disguised diversion safes aren’t exactly unknown to criminals, few burglars are going to root through your laundry room and make off with your sink cleansers and such. They want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. Therefore, they tend to concentrate on the visible valuables as well as what they might find in an unlocked gun cabinet.

Personally, I love disguised diversion safes. They’re not only incredibly useful, but they’re just pretty darn cool to have around.

If you have ever walked into a person’s home and been told to find his or her safe, you may look behind a bookcase or a picture hanging on the wall. Fortunately, real security experts have advanced way beyond the cliché Hollywood tricks and have started to create hidden safes that are extremely clever and effective.

If you want to protect your valuables in your home, then the last thing you want to do is make your hiding places obvious. When you use professional hidden safes, then you will be able to protect your valuables and keep them in places that criminals would never look.

A diversion safe or hidden safe is a safe that is made from an otherwise ordinary object such as a book, a gallon of paint, a household can, or even a wall outlet plug. The idea behind this ingenious idea is to put your valuables in these ordinary-looking things and then place the object in its rightful place. A regular object that is placed in a conspicuous location and doesn't look out of place can fool burglars.

While they're looking in the normal places for things to steal, your valuables are "hidden" right out in the open.

Hidden Safes

To put hidden safes in the proper perspective, think about the bookcase trick that people use to hide safes. When a criminal sees a bookcase, the first thing he is going to do is remove the books to find the safe. But what if one of the books was the safe? It looks like a real book, feels like a real book and even weighs as much as a real book. But upon closer inspection, it opens up like a safe. A criminal is never going to spend the time to go through all of your books just to find the one that is holding some of your valuables. Aside from being a fortress for your belongings, hidden safes also protect your property by making it impossible to steal anything in a short amount of time.

These effective hiding spots are inexpensive alternatives to the more expensive safes you can buy for a whole lot more money. Ranging from $8.95 up to $29.95, these are way less expensive than your fireproof models that burglars love to steal outright. Even bolted to your floor, a determined burglar can very quickly remove the heavy duty vault causing damage to your floor and get still away with your valuables.

Disguised Safes for Home

Secret stashes conveniently scattered throughout your home can keep your treasured items from being found by burglars or even unscrupulous friends and relatives. Ever had things come up missing after a visit from otherwise trusted people? Unfortunately, this happens all too often, and the owner is left dumbfounded, scratching their head wondering where they misplaced their missing item.

Once you have opened your mind up to the idea of hidden safes, you can start to see hidden safes all around the room. Some other examples of hidden safes include:

  • The base of a table lamp.
  • A picture frame.
  • The back of an end table.
  • A hanging lamp.
  • Inside a large door.

A hidden safe helps to deal with this issue as well as giving burglars too many places to look when they're in a time crunch. Burglars generally get in and get out and do not take the time to search every single wall outlet, can, or book to see if you've squirreled things away in there. They are looking for easy items they can snatch and leave within a very quick timeframe. Help yourself and not the burglar; hide your valuables in plain sight!

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Some examples:

plug saferock hide a keybeer safe

Secret Safes: Using Ordinary Covers to Hide Extraordinary Assets

Wall safes are probably the most common type of secret safe that people know of. They can be hidden behind bookcases, paintings, and picture frames. They’re always made of hard-to-crack metal and secured by either a key or combination lock. Wall safes, however, can be occasionally expensive and they do require a bit of installation. If you want the easiest but most effective way of hiding your possessions, there are other secret safes that you can make use of.

Secret Can Safes

Studies reveal that burglars spend approximately eight minutes at their victims’ home. They’re most likely to target the bedroom or study, thinking that it’s where you’d most likely hide your cash and other valuables. Make sure they end their search with empty hands by hiding your possessions in plain sight.

Criminals want to be in and out of the premises as quickly as possible. If your hidden safes are all items that a criminal would never consider valuable, then he is less likely to know to look inside them.

Your possessions could be saved simply by using the art of camouflage. When it comes to protecting your home or your business, time is on your side. When you can create an atmosphere that makes it impossible for criminals to quickly locate your valuables, then the chances that you will experience a significant loss due to a robbery drop dramatically.

Empty, used cans littering the living room or dining room table are nothing out of the ordinary. Stocking unused cans in your cupboards and cabinets is not an uncommon sight either. But what they don’t know is that a few of those are actually decoys and used as secret safes.

You’ll see an amazing array of secret safes in the guise of decoy cans. There are decoy secret safes for cans of hairspray, puncture seal tire inflator, liquid wrench, and French roast coffee. They look and feel the same as the original because they’re made of the same products.

To use them, you just twist off the top or bottom of the decoy can and put your money or jewelry inside. Afterward, don’t go out of your way to hide them. Let them blend in with the rest, and you’ll give thieves a harder time finding what they’re looking for.

Other Decoys

Secret safes can be found inside natural-looking stones. Every product differs in shape, just like how natural stones are. Use them to keep your spare house key safe and place them right next to other stones or rocks in your garden.

Secret stash safes also take the form of books. These are perfect if your study room is lined with bookshelves.

Other guises include salt shakers, compact disc cases, and even candles. As you can see, all these can be placed haphazardly around your house and burglars will be none the wiser.