Lint Roller Hidden Compartment

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The Lint Roller Hidden Compartment Safe is a dual function. It is a fully functional lint remover while at the same time, it is a small storage space for keeping your special items.


Who doesn't have a lint roller somewhere around the house? You use sticky tape to pick the lint off your clothing so you look good. Roll it over your clothes and they're lint-free. Some people have the greatest ideas and this one is no exception. The person who came up with this became a multi-millionaire, I'm sure!

Lint Roller Hidden Compartment Safe

Well, we have an idea of our own. By creating a compartmentalized space within the roller itself, you can sock away a few gems or nuggets that you want to keep hidden from prying eyes or would-be thieves.

Not only will your goods be in a secret spot, but you can also leave it in the open where it normally belongs and no one will be the wiser. Perfect for the bedroom or laundry room, this innocuous object will look perfectly normal where it belongs. All the while keeping your goods out of sight and out of mind.

Interior Dimensions:1 ½" x 3½"

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