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Deluxe leatherette holster for the RUNT stun gun designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun.

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The perfect accessory for any of our Runt Stun Guns would be the Runt Stun Gun Holster. Made specifically to hold these stun guns or any that are similar in shape, the carrying case does more than hold the taser. It's made of a wonderful material, durable, and has a few features that will make it easier to protect yourself no matter how active you are. This is the ideal accessory to ensure you're always safe.

This holster is made from a leatherette material. As the name implies, this looks and feels like true, genuine leather. It's hard to tell the difference if you're running your hand over it, and it even has the same texture as real leather. Even though the holster comes in four colors, you'll get this same material regardless of which you choose. Best of all, it's almost as durable as real leather.

Deluxe leatherette holster for the RUNT stun gun is designed with a more attractive look than your standard nylon holster that comes with the stun gun. The holster has a heavy-duty belt clip and a ring to hang the holster. The magnetic clasp will hold the stun gun in your holster and makes it easy to get to when needed.

Using a holster allows you to have it with you hands-free while you are walking around. You can attach it to your belt and it will be there should you need to use it.

Having a holster makes it a lot easier to carry and allows you to quickly deploy your self defense device. By having it on your side, it will be immediately available to you and ready for use in a flash.

Protecting your Stun Gun

The holster also protects your stun gun from damaging bumps. While it is in the case, it is also prevented from accidentally discharging if something were to slide up against it. With the trigger mechanism covered, it will be unable to discharge on its own and prevents an unpleasant experience.

Keeping your stun gun in its holster and on your belt is the best way to ensure you will be able to defend and protect yourself as quickly as possible. It is this fast access that gets the stunner out and ready to use on someone intending to do you harm.

This particular model fits the one linked to above. If you need an extra one or you lose the original, you can buy one of these and be back in business.

Even if you normally carry your weapon in your purse, having the ability to move it to the outside and on your person just gives you more flexibility for whatever you want to do. Having options is always a good thing.

The Runt Stun Gun Holster

We know you're active and you'll be moving around all day, so you need a holster that stays with you no matter what you're doing. There's a heavy-duty belt clip that's very durable and will ensure the holster doesn't budge even on your busiest day. You also get a ring so that you can hang the holster in place. You don't want a holster that moves around, you need one that stays in place and is ready when you need it to be.

Another benefit is that the holster will ensure that the taser never falls out unexpectedly. The magnetic flap stays in place and has just enough resistance so that it doesn't move or allow the taser to drop to the floor if you're moving around. The magnetized flap is easy to move with your hand when you need to access the stun gun. You'll have no problem getting the taser when you need it without fumbling around.

You can place this on either your left or right side and still get the same level of access to the stun gun. You'll have no problem regardless of what your dominant hand is.

The Runt carrying case currently comes in three different colors: black, red, pink. Feel free to choose your favorite, they all provide the same level of comfort and protection. Some people prefer black because it isn't as noticeable. Some might like the other colors because they are vibrant and you can use them as a design accessory. Regardless of your choice, you'll love how well the holster works.

Runt Stun Gun Holster features:

  • Comes in 3 different colors, choose your favorite
  • Made from durable leatherette, it looks and feels like leather
  • A magnetic flap that ensures the holster remains closed until you need it
  • Premium belt clip that stays with you, no matter how active you are

This holster is perfectly made for the Runt Stun Gun and it can even hold other models with a similar shape. It's the perfect way to ensure your self defense weapon is there the moment you need it without having to dig through your pockets, purse, or anything else.

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