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Hiding Valuables Where Thieves Won’t Look

Posted by   Steve Thibeault

Thieves often work on a pretty fast timetable. They want to get in, grab the goods, and exit stage right as quickly as possible. Therefore, they will usually look in the most common places people tend to hide valuables.

First up is often the master bedroom — jewelry, firearms, that sort of stuff. They already know to check inside the closet, under the bed, and in dresser drawers.

What, you thought you were the only person who stashes valuables in their sock or underwear drawer?

Here are a few places thieves are almost certain not to look

Child bedroom closets

For valuables you don’t need to access every day, put them into a box, label it "Mom’s old clothes," and put it on the back of a shelf in the kid’s closet. You don’t need to tell your child what’s in there, either. Odds are pretty good they’ll not want to go digging through Mom’s outdated blouses.


While this one is sort of well known, it will still work fairly well in most instances. Put your goodies into a bag or package that says "Broccoli" and thieves won’t bother with it.

Inside coat closets, above the door

If you go into a closet and look up, you’ll see empty wall space above the door. Most people never think to look there for anything because, well, who would put something there?

Securing and Destroying Records

One of the things the modern thief looks for during a burglary is bank statements, credit card statements, and other financial records. These can be worth quite a bit since they can either use them directly or sell them to someone else, all in an effort to steal your identity.

Someone truly skilled at this doesn’t need much more than your social security number and full name to do a lot of damage. And even after you discover it has happened, it can take months to get it all straightened out.

Do yourself a favor and take two very simple measures to prevent this from happening to you.

First, invest in a file cabinet with a secure lock. Keep all your financial papers in it and make sure it is locked tight at all times. Anything and everything that would have private information like your SSN, your bank account number, canceled checks, even cable and Internet service bills should be kept under lock and key.

The second thing is to buy a paper shredder and use it as needed. There is little need to hold on to old credit card bills and such. Rather than letting them pile up, once the new statement has arrived and it accurately reflects the current charges as well as showing your previous payment, the old one can be shred. Same goes for other bills you don’t plan to dispute. Once you see proof payment was made, get rid of 'em.

We use bags of shredded paper as mulch in our gardens as well as burning big handfuls when we have a fire going in the burn pit.


The floor is yours!

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