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Key Hiders

Keeping a spare key ensures you or your child can enter the home. Just remember to let everyone know to stay quiet about it's location.

Remember when you could hide your key under your welcome mat or in a flower pot, and not worry about someone finding it? Not so much anymore! Hiding house keys outside in these places isn't such a great secret spot anymore. So, where can you hide a key?

Key hiders are a perfect hiding spot for your house key and will keep keys out of the sight of burglars. Choose your key hider disguised as a stone or a sprinkler head. Both have a hollowed out compartment, just big enough to fit your key. And because of their great disguise, no one would think to look in a rock or a sprinkler...first place they will check is your door mat or in the flowers!

Only the people you tell will know where your secret key hiding spot is!

Set the realistic looking Stone Key Hider among other rocks around your porch. You could even tuck it neatly behind a bush. Or, if the Sprinkler Head Key Hider better suits you, just wedge it into the grass or soil, and no one will know the difference.

Not only will these help to keep your key better out of sight, it's an easy way to store a spare key in case someone gets locked out of the house!