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Mace pepper spray has been the best selling defensive spray for decades. Mace Brand has a formulation for everyone in your family including those looking for canine repellent.

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Mace has blends with 3 different components: OC, Dye, Tear Gas. You get both immediate OC effectiveness plus painful tear gas concentration. The dye paints the assailant so they won't be able to say it wasn't them. They will have the markings all over them.

You can find smaller sizes, larger sizes, and everything in between. The Mace line is large and certainly has what you are looking for. Take charge of your own self defense.

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Mace Pepper Spray

Pepper Foam is hard to get off and smears back into the face. Mace Gel is goopier with longer range.

Mace has police models, personal models, and holstered keychain pepper sprays. (in different colors)

Above are Mace Brand products we carry; many have different models or colors.

Pepper Sprays can not be shipped to New York or Massachusetts. Some pepper sprays are restricted in Michigan and Wisconsin. Please visit our Shipping Restrictions page for more info.

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