Mace Police Spray

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Mace Police Model Pepper Spray - Same size used by law enforcement personnel. Ideal for auto or home use. Full body hand grip.


Mace Police Model OC Spray - Same size model used by law enforcement personnel. Ideal for auto or home use. Features flip-top safety cap, finger grip dispenser, belt clip and key-chain. 18-gram unit sprays 8-12 feet. Contains up to 20 short bursts.

Police PepperGard Spray Pattern

The 10% Peppergard formula contains a 0.66% capsaicinoids concentration. The OC pepper formula creates an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes, and throat, and causes an attacker's eyes to slam shut upon direct contact. Peppergard also contains an invisible UV dye, which marks the assailant and may aid in identification.

Mace Police Pepper Spray

Mace Police Pepper Spray

Buying Police-Quality Pepper Spray

After many years of use by both private citizens and law enforcement agents, pepper spray has proven itself as a highly effective non-lethal weapon for defense and threat deterrence. If you're interested in using pepper spray for your own personal defense, you might be interested in buying the same kind of pepper spray that's used by police officers. That's not as easy as it might sound, though. Here are some important considerations:

The Difference Between Personal Defense And Law Enforcement Needs

All effective pepper sprays operate according to the same basic mode of action -- dousing a target's eyes and sensitive mucous membranes with an aerosol containing oleoresin capsaicin (OC). This produces severe pain, crying, and temporary blindness. Judging the relative strength of different pepper sprays is difficult because of several factors: the natural origins of OC, the different production methods used by manufacturers, and multiple valid ways of testing strength and effectiveness.

Speaking very generally, pepper spray dispensers intended for law enforcement may feature higher concentrations of OC in order to maximize the spray's effectiveness. Police pepper spray is also often sold and used in larger containers with a more powerful method of dispersal. Ranges are typically longer than with dispensers intended for personal defense.

Take Manufacturer's Claims With A Grain Of Salt

Most major pepper spray manufacturers are proud to be associated with police and other law enforcement agencies because they know that such associations can be used as powerful marketing tools. This means that you can expect manufacturers to portray their law enforcement connections as broadly as possible. For example, "supplier to the US Department of Defense" may well translate to "We sold some to a National Guard corporal once."

As with claims regarding a given pepper spray's strength, heat, or effectiveness, you need to take such law enforcement "endorsements" with a healthy grain of salt before making any buying decisions. If you want a trustworthy recommendation that carries the weight of police experience behind it, your best course of action is to ask a police officer to make his own suggestions regarding your choice of pepper spray.

Study Your Local Laws

It's very important to bear in mind that you carry the full burden of complying with your applicable state and municipal laws when you shop for police-grade pepper spray. Although some form of pepper spray is legal for all adults in the United States, there can be sharp limitations on ownership and use which vary from state to state. In New York, for instance, online pepper spray purchases are illegal. Many states have restrictions on the size and chemical content of pepper sprays purchased by private citizens; examples include California, Wisconsin, and New Jersey.

You cannot trust manufacturers or retailers to refrain from selling you a pepper spray product that breaks your local regulations. This is more common than you think because private citizens will find it relatively easy to shop at stores (especially online) intended for use by law enforcement personnel. These allow you to inadvertently purchase police-style pepper spray dispensers that may greatly exceed local rules regarding potency and size.

It's not always easy to determine which police pepper spray will be the most effective personal defense weapon for you. Confirming that your ideal pepper spray choice is fully compliant with your local laws is another hurdle you'll have to cross. Because a personal defense weapon needs to be as reliable as possible, though, it's worth the extra effort to make sure you get a pepper spray that would be capable of serving with your local police department.

Some states have restrictions on Pepper Sprays. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

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